Sump Pump Running with No Rain

If your sump pump is running and there is no rain in the sky there is a chance that something is wrong but it also might be working correctly. There are a number of reasons why your pump pick turn on when while it is not raining. Keep reading to learn the 6 reasons why … Read more

How to Clean a Sump Pump

Sump pump pits need cleaning every so often. Ignoring cleaning your pump and pit puts you at a higher risk of clogs, floods and can let mold and other bacteria grow hidden under the pit cover. Many people know that they need to clean their pit and pump from time to time but are not … Read more

How to Deodorize a Smelly Sump Pump

Sump pump’s can start to stink and smell if not properly maintained, cleaned and deodorized on a regular basis. Unfortunately many people do not know how to take proper care of the sump pump and prevent smells. Every basin will have some smell since there is usually some standing water below the “On” level but … Read more

Best Hot Water Recirculating Pumps

Tired of looking at an expensive water and electric bill due to hot water? Ready to start saving money every month plus do your part to keep the Earth green? Then you need a hot water recirculating pump. Hot water waste is expensive! Luckily – installing a hot water recirculating system can make a big … Read more

How To Maintain a Sump Pump

Your basement (or crawl space) sump can be the difference between expensive water damage repairs and a dry basement. Skipping out on yearly sump pump maintenance and service is a sure fire way to have a problem next time there is heavy rain Keeping your pump in good working order is not difficult and it … Read more

My Sump Pump is Overflowing Into My Basement

An overflowing sump pump can be real trouble for the foundation and moisture content of your home or business. Here are some things to consider and 5 common causes of sump pumps overflowing plus an additional guide on how to stop your basement sump pump from overflowing – and a few tips on what to … Read more

How to Fix a Loud Sump Pump

A sump pump is a machine, so some noise is to be expected. If your sump pump is making so much noise that it is becoming a problem, then you need to get the problem addressed as soon as possible. Hear a noise from the basement pump while your upstairs – then it might be … Read more

Sump Pump Flow & Discharge Rates

In order to prevent basement flooding you need to use the right size sump pump. Most sump pumps advertise horse power but this can be confusing. What you really need to know is your sump pump flow (discharge) rate to get the right pump! Not sure what the flow rate of your sump pump. Not … Read more

How to Vent Your Sump Pump

In many areas your sump pump pit and basin do not need a lid but if there is a risk of radon gas leaks some local laws require you to cover and vent your pump system. This might sound like extra “red tape” but radon is a radioactive gas that can cause medical problems like … Read more

Extension Cord Calculator

Need a new extension cord but not sure what size – use our handy extension cord calculator and drop voltage chart to help choose the best cord for your pump, power tools or other outdoor use! Extension cords can only carry so much power at a time. This term is call Ampacity and can be … Read more