5 Best Way to Heat a Basement

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    A cold basement can cause a number of problems throughout the home in Winter – plus it can make going downstairs unpleasant. For most homeowner basement heating and insulation is an afterthought until pipes start freezing and the electric bill soars in the Winter.

    In this article our team of basement experts reviewed the best way to heat a cold basement without paying an arm and leg on your monthly bills. Don’t worry – no matter what style basement is in your home or how cold it gets there are options available to warm up the basement. Here are the best ways to heat a basement!

    Installing New Fixtures vs Mobility

    Adding heat to a finished basement can be a big project or as easy a plugging in a space heater. Both options have pro’s and con’s so it is important to do your research before choosing a basement heating system.

    Wall heating systems like and baseboard heaters can be installed in a few minutes and provide on-demand heat – but they are more expensive than extending the heating ducts.

    Add Wood Heating

    Wood pellet stove and other wood heaters are a cheap and effective way to heat a basement. They require some installation but even a small heater can keep a basement warm all Winter with a small wood supply.

    You will need to tend to the fire every so often so this might not be the best choice for homeowners with small children, pets, or those looking for a ‘set and forget’ heating system.

    Add Space Heater

    Space heaters are another popular basement heating option that can be turned on as needed and moved to cold spots. They are relatively cheap and you can find different sizes to heat large or small basements. Plus there are a number of units at different price points that offer different features like a timer, auto activation and more.

    If your sump pump freezes it is a good idea to set the space heater up nearby. Floor heating is another similar option that can easily be installed in any home.

    Our Top Rated Space Heater

    If you are shopping for a new space heater to keep your basement warm we recommend the Lasko 755320. It is powerful enough to heat a large basement and has safety features so it does not start a fire!

    Warning – Fire Risk

    One thing to remember when using a space heater is that there is a fire risk. Make sure the heater is not running near curtains, couches or trash cans.

    Extend Current Heating Ducts

    Improving the heating system in your basement is a good idea if you own your home and plan on living there for at least the next 5 years. By letting your HVAC system blow more how air into the basement the entire area will stay considerably warmer.

    Keep in mind this option does have more up front costs than other heating options but it is safer and saves money in the long term.

    Improve Insulation

    Improving the insulation in the basement walls and ceiling is another option for homeowners. Instead of generating more warm air this home improvement option is designed to make the most of your current basement heating system and keep things warmer, longer!

    Replace Windows

    One of the most common spots for heat to leak out of the basement is the windows. By installing thicker windows that are designed to retain heat you will be able to keep the basement warmer. Cold air from the outside constantly flowing into the basement makes it hard to maintain a steady warm temperature!

    These windows are similar to adding more insulation and will only get you so far, but if you live in areas with heavy winter freezing it is worth the investment in order to help keep your pipes unfrozen and hot water flowing on demand!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the most efficient way to heat a basement?

    The most efficient way to heat a basement is with a small space heater.

    How can I heat my basement cheaply?

    The cheapest way to heat is a space heater.

    Does heating your basement keep your house warmer?

    Yes, hot air rises and keeping the basement warm will keep the rest of the house warmer.

    How to heat an unfinished basement?

    The best way to heat an unfinished basement in the Winter is with a portable electric heater.

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