Best Crawl Space Sump Pumps

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best sump pump for crawl space

Sump pump are normally associated with your basement. Many people do not realize that they need to install a sump pump in their crawl space!

Crawl spaces – just like your basement – can be flooded or swell with groundwater after heavy rain or snow. Things are even worse if it is below the water table and pools with water. Waterproofing your crawl space is a good start but for total protection, you need to install a basin and pump (even in dirt floors).

In this article we’ll teach you about the top rated crawl space sump pumps of 2024:

Sump Pump in Crawl Space Under House

Crawl spaces are like mini basements under your house or mobile home. They might not be big enough to walk around in but you can still store a few boxes and unfortunately suffer the same water and flooding problems as basements!

We recommend installing a pump pit in every home with a crawl space in order to protect the foundation and structure of the home from water damage. In some cases it might not be necessary for areas with good drainage but why take a chance? This is even more important if you live near a river, flood plain or below the water table for the area!

Top 3 Crawl Space Sump Pumps

Picking the best crawl space sump pump is key. Not every pump is designed to work in a crawl space and you need to make sure your pump will fit and has the right electrical connections. Space is often tight inside crawl spaces which means you need to make every inch count. We did some research and put together a list of the 3 best sump pumps to install in your crawl space.\

Our PickPumpRating
Top PickZoeller M53 Might Mate4.7
Runner UpSuperior Pump 912504.5
Budget PickSumpMarine SM101024.2

Top Pick: Zoeller M53 Might Mate

Zoeller M53
  • 1/3 HP Motor
  • 1550 RPM
  • Automatic Float Switch
  • Cast iron build with 9′ power cord

Seeing the M53 Mighty Mate at the top of our list should surprise no one! It is one of the most dependable pumps and is affordable on any budget! The 1/3 horse power motor is powerful enough to keep a crawl space dry but still quiet enough to not disturb your family! It also works well with most sump pump alarms.


  • Enough power to keep your crawl space dry
  • Small profile that will fit almost anywhere
  • Long lasting cast iron body good for submersible sump design


  • Not enough power for high flood areas

Runner Up: Superior Pump 91250

Superior Pump 91250
  • 1/5, 1/4 and 1/3 sizes
  • Pumps 1800 gallons of water per hour
  • 1.25″ discharge pipe
  • Fits 6″ floor drains

Plastic pumps like this Superior Pump may not have the build quality of a cast iron pump but they do not sacrifice in quality! This pump is an excellent choice for tight spaces without floor drains – especially if they do not receive a lot of water!


  • Available in various pump sizes
  • Interior filter to prevent damage and clogs
  • Fits most homes in the Northeast


  • Thermoplastic body

Budget Pick: SumpMarine SM10102

SumpMarine SM10102
  • 1/2 HP pump that does not make a lot of noise
  • Max head height of 23 ft
  • Oil cooled motor

This SumpMarine sump pump is an excellent choice for homeowners on a budget. Sump pumps can be one of the most expensive pieces of household equipment – fortunately the SM10102 cost about $50. The oil cooled electric motor can drain sump water up to 23 feet and the pump fits most outflow piping.


  • Weighs just 5 pounds
  • Connects to most drainage pump types
  • Little risk of overheating or overworking


  • The float does not turn on sometimes

How To Install

Installing a sump pump in your crawl space is a lot like installing one in your basement but with a few differences. Let’s walk through a step-by-step guide so you can save some money and avoid paying for professional installation.

The biggest difference is that you won’t be able to stand up straight while digging your pit! Crawl spaces are much smaller than basements which can make digging hard – especially if it is a concrete floor or under a mobile home.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Find the best spot – Watch where water is pooling and dig your pump pit in order to prevent a flooded crawl space. Make sure to include room for a drainage line, alarm, backup battery and electrical connections.
  2. Dig your Pit – Next, start digging your pit in your crawlspace. The difficulty here varies from home to home depending on the amount of room you have to work with and the distance from the access point.
  3. Install your Basin – After digging your pit install the basin. A good pump basin is just as important as your actual pump. The basin should snugly fit inside your pit hole and be large enough to control flood water. It also might be a good idea to install a sump pump liner or vapor barrier at this time if the basin does not have a lid.
  4. Install your Pump – Next install the pump in your basin. Make sure the pump stands up straight and nothing is blocking the valves. Also, double check that the power connections are far enough from the water base and there are no plumbing leaks.
  5. Install Drainage Lines – Discharge piping is just as important as your pump. Without clear lines that remain free of clogs, your won’t be able to clear the standing water.
  6. Test the Pump – Once everything is in place fill a few buckets with water and make sure your new pump is working properly. The system should kick in and begins to drain the basin once the water fills.

Crawl Space Pump Basins

Before you install a pump you need to dig a sump pit and install a basin. Your basin should fit tightly into your pit. The best place to put your basin is at the lowest part of the crawl space or wherever water pools.

Don’t forget to clean and service your basin from time to time. Particles and other small materials can build up over time and cause problems with the pump and clog drainage lines!

Basin Installation Tips
Map out where you are installing the pump. If it is under a bedroom you will want to have a quiet pump with a basin cover! Keep this in mind when shopping for the best sump pump for crawl space.

Crawl Space Sump Pump Installation Cost

Sump pump installation costs vary based on the difficulty of the job. On average it costs about $1000 to install a pump pit in a crawl space. This number may seem high but keep in mind a pump alone cost about $200. Costs tend to vary from state to state and can be even higher if you have to get a permit.

You can save some money by digging the pit and installing the pump by yourself but you will need a shovel, some drainage pipes and a few hours of free time! If this is for your mobile home we recommend installing it as the home is built. Learn more about crawl space water drainage.

Who Needs a Crawl Space Pump?

Still not sure you need a crawl space pump? Standing water in your basement can cause mold, mildew and start to rot the wood supports of your home. Once mold starts to spread underneath your home it can be difficult – and expensive – to remove. Depending on natural slopes in the ground or drain channels is not enough to protect your home from floods and ground swells.

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