How To Prevent Washing Machine Floods When Draining

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    If you washing machines floods while draining then this article is for you.

    Your washing machine floods while draining because there might be something stuck in the drain pump filter, clogging it. In this article we will teach you why your washing machine is flooding while draining and the most common ways to fix the problem!

    How Washing Machines Drain

    Washing machine drains work by pumping water out of the machine against gravity.

    Before it pumps all the water out, the washing machine pump pulls in air to prevent a vacuum forming which would prevent any more water from draining. The pump moves this air through a filter before pushing the water outside the machine through a pipe.

    Leaks can occur around these pipes either at their fittings which may result in standing water and flooding. Keep an eye out for leaks and tighten the connections as required.

    The washing machine pump is a delicate mechanical device which can easily fail if it becomes dirty or clogged. If your washing machine floods only when draining, you probably need to clean out the drain pump filter.

    Note: The drain pump filter is located inside the washing machine cabinet near the base of the washing machine

    What Causes Flooding While Draining

    The most common causes of washing machines floods while draining are:

    Washing machine drain hose is installed above the floor, allowing water to drain into the room. This is because washing machines pumps are designed to work against gravity and any extra height significantly reduces its effectiveness. In order to prevent this from happening all hoses must be installed at the correct height (ground level or slightly below).

    The drain pump filter is dirty and clogged, preventing the washing machine from draining. This happens because over time small pieces of clothing may get stuck inside the drain pump filter making it less effective. When this happens you will need to clean out the drain pump

    How To Fix A Flooding Washing Machine

    If your washing machine is flooding while draining follow these steps:

    Step 1 – Check the hoses for any leaks or damage. Also check these hoses are connected to the correct place with no extra height added.

    Step 2 – Make sure your washing machine hoses, drain pipe and drain pain are not installed above ground level as this will prevent effective drainage. Installing the hose above ground level may prevent all the water from draining, resulting in a flood.

    Step 3 – Clean out the drain pump filter by either taking it out or cleaning it with a pipe cleaner. This might be blocked causing your washing machine to overfill and flood the laundry room.

    Check if there’s something stuck in the drain pump filter of your washing machine. It is located inside the washing machine cabinet, most commonly near the bottom behind a circular plastic or metal panel. If so, remove with tweezers or anything you can use as long as it doesn’t damage

    The best way to prevent this is to prevent foreign items (screws, coins, etc.) from falling in the drain hose in the first place by using a simple mesh laundry bag and cleaning out your pockets before starting laundry.

    Preventing Washing Machines From Flooding

    The best way to prevent washing machines floods is to prevent foreign items from falling into the discharge hose, install the machine in the correct position and regularly check the hose connections. Preventing flooding will prevent any additional wear and tear on your washer and prevent water damage to your flooring.

    You should also avoid overfilling the machine as this will prevent proper drainage and result in a flood. Overfilling can happen if you do not use energy saving settings, such as the ‘bedding’ option which reduces the amount of water.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do washing machine flood when draining?

    The most common causes of flooding while draining a washing machine are a clogged or dirty drain pump filter and a washing machine installed above ground level.

    How do I stop my washing machine drain from overflowing?

    You can stop your washing machine from overflowing by preventing foreign items from falling into the drain hose, prevent any extra height restricting water flow and clean out your washing machine’s drain pump filter.

    How do you drain a washing machine without flooding?

    A washing machine can be drained without flooding ensuring the hoses are clear and installed in the correct position. It is also a good idea to check that the machine is not overfilling with water.

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