Sump Pump Under Mobile Home and How to Remove Standing Water

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    If you have a problem with water pooling under your mobile home you may need to invest in a sump pump to keep the area dry and prevent water damage. Unfortunately, even a small sump pump can be expensive. So we did some research and put together a list of the top sometimes for mobile homes as well as a few tips and tricks for installation and long-term care – keep reading to learn more.

    When it rains the crawl space under your mobile home will start to collect water. If this water is not removed in a timely manner you risk permanent damage to your home as well as a health risk to your family. A good pit and drain system can go along way in keeping the crawl space dry.

    Common Causes of Water Under Mobile Homes

    Water pooling under a manufactured, prefabricated or mobile home can be caused by a number of problems in addition to a big rainstorm. The two most common are downspouts incorrectly installed ( or worn out over time) and ground grading that does not drain water away from the home.

    If you are consistently experiencing water pooling under your home we recommend checking all of your downspouts first. They are easy to knock loose and may be pointing under the home. Second check the grading that should have been correctly sloping away from your home when it was installed. If it is sloping under your home it will naturally pool at the lowest point.

    It is important to consider the water table in your area. Some neighborhoods are close to rivers and lakes that often flood on top of above-average groundwater which means your pump will be constantly running.

    How to Keep Water from From Pooling Under a Mobile Home

    Preventing water from under your mobile home starts with setting it up correctly. It should have adequate drainage problem grading and enough downspouts to cover plus a crawl space sump pump. It is also important to remember your location says some areas are more prone to flooding.

    We recommend the Wayne WaterBUG for motor home crawl spaces. It has a low profile and is easy to install which important when working under a mobile home. It also has a powerful pump that can push water away from your home and into city drainage.

    Keep Up With City Codes

    Some cities and homeowners associations have rules and bylaws requiring motor homes to have a working sump pump. Always check the rules or you may find yourself with an unexpected fine.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I keep water from under my mobile Home?

    It is impossible to keep prevent all water from getting under a mobile home but a well-built home, good gutters and a crawl space sump pump can prevent pooling and flooding.

    How do I pump water from under my house?

    The best way to pump standing water from under your home or crawl space that drains into a safe area or drain system.

    Is it normal to have water under your house?

    Houses, mobile homes and travel trailers tend to have water pooling underneath if drainage is installed incorrectly or there are heavy rains. It is important to drain water from under the home as soon as possible to prevent water damage and rotting wood.

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