How Does A Deep Well Pump Work?

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    A deep well pump is an electric submersible motor pump. It is used to move water up from deeper wells. Deep well pumps are often designed for use in submersible sump pumps, shallow well jet pumps, and utility pumps that run continuously or at scheduled times.

    Sometimes the water source is located deeper than standard pumps can reach. For these situations, it is necessary to drill a deep well that goes below the water table in order to reach groundwater or underground streams.

    Deep well pumps are designed specifically for use in deep wells. These types of pumps are much different from other water pumps because they specialize in removing water that is stored deep underground.

    One of the most common questions we get asked is how exactly deep well pumps work? In this article we will teach you everything you need to know about deep well pumps, the best models and exactly how they work!

    How Do Well Jet Pumps Work?

    Well jet pumps are designed to pump water from the wells that are deeper than normal shallow jets can reach. They work similar to how a typical sump pump works but instead of the tubing being connected to the discharge side, you have a pipe that connects it directly into your well casing or down further into your well.

    This allows the pump to work without having any type of pressure switch or flow switch. This means that you can set your pump to run on a timer and it will not be affected by how much water is in the well at that time.

    One line pushes water into the well and another line pulls it out, with no middle ground. When the water enters the pump it passes through a check valve that will only allow water to pass in one direction.

    How deep can a 1/2 hp well pump go?

    A 1/2 hp well pump can go as deep as 275 feet below the surface, which is about how deep a deep well pump can go. Deep well pumps and 1/2 hp pumps are not interchangeable. It’s important that you choose a pump that will properly fit the depth of your well.

    In order to determine how deep your well is you’ll need to have it drilled and measured by a professional.

    How deep can a 1 hp well pump go?

    A 1 hp well pump can go as deep as 400 feet below the surface. This allows you to access water buried deep underground. The more horsepower your pump has the further underground it can pump water. A 1 hp pump can access water considerably deeper than a 1/2 hp pump.

    How deep can a 2 hp well pump go?

    A 2 hp well pump  can go as deep as 650 feet below the surface. This is how far some professional, commercial wells can reach. With how deep a 2 hp deep well pump can go you’ll be able to access water buried many hundreds of feet underground!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you use a jet pump without a pressure tank?

    Yes! In fact, how deep a jet pump can go depends on how tall your well is. You can get by without a pressure tank if you have a tall enough well that the water level doesn’t drop below the jet of the pump when it’s running.

    Is a 1/2 HP well pump enough?

    A 1/2 HP well pump will be powerful enough for wells up to 275 feet deep. If the well is deep you will need a larger pump.

    How deep can a well pump go?

    A deep well pump can go as deep as 650 feet. However, how deep a well pump can go depends on how much horsepower the pump has. 1/2 hp pumps can go as deep as 275 feet and 2 hp pumps can go up to 650 feet.

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