How Many Sump Pumps Do I Need?

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    A sump pump is a machine that pumps water out of the lowest point of your basement. If you have a wet basement, you’re going to need one at least one. Many home owners want to know how many sump pumps is required to protect their basement from water damage and flooding.

    Since submersible sump pumps are expensive many homeowners want to know how many sump pumps they need in their basement.

    There are a variety of factors that impact how many sump pumps you might need. Here’s how to figure out how many sump pumps you will need:

    Step 1 – Measure the Basement Square Footage

    Measure the square footage of your basement, and how deep it is below ground level

    You’ll need to know how much square footage your basement is, as well as how deep your basement floor is

    Step 2 – Measure How High Your Basement Floor Is

    Your sump pump will not function well if the water level in the trenches nearby are higher than your finished floor height. This means that you need to know how tall your finished ground is, not how tall it used to be before you built up the area around it with dirt and rock. You can measure this

    Step 3: Estimate How Much Water Enters Your Basement

    You’ll want to know how much water enters the basement so that you can estimate how often you need to run your sump pump. If a lot of rain falls in a small amount of time, or if you have a problem with runoff from higher ground entering your basement at high pressure

    Step 4: Add An Extra Backup Sump Pump

    The majority of people are using battery backup sump pumps because these are compact, easy to use, and efficient. You should have at least one backup pump in case your primary pump fails or is overwhelmed by rising water levels.

    It can be difficult to know how many sump pumps you need for your basement because it depends on how much water is entering the area, how large the space is, how low your floor is, and how high above your finished ground level.

    This means you’ll probably need at least 2 sump pump systems. You should think about getting 3 if you have a very large basement or if you get lots of rain. If you’re getting lots of rain, it might be time to invest in some drainage improvements like installing an underground drain system

    To learn how many sump pumps you need for your home, contact us today! We’d be happy to help!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why would a house need 2 sump pumps?

    A house would need 2 sump pumps when there is a large amount of water entering the house. This can happen if it rains for an extended period of time or if there’s runoff from higher ground.

    Is one sump pump enough?

    Depending on how often the sump pump runs, it is possible to get by with one sump pump if there is little waterflow.

    Can you use a battery backup sump pump instead of 2 pumps?

    Battery backup sump pumps are compact and less expensive than having 2 standard sump pumps. It’s recommended for people who want an easy to install system secondary system that also works as a backup.

    Why does my basement have 2 sump pumps?

    Your basement has 2 sump pumps because you have a lot of water entering the area. This can be caused by how deep your basement is or how often it rains.

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