Sump Pump Vibration Guide

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    A vibrating sump pump can be a sign of a mechanical problem, overworked motor or problems with the drain lines. If your pump seems to be vibrating and shaking more than normal keep reading to learn more about the most common causes and how to fix them!

    1. Overworked Motor

    The most common reasons for your pump to vibrating is an overworked motor. When the basin fills up faster than the motor can pump it out water eventually backs up and causes to motor to overheat, vibrate and eventually flood.

    The easiest fixed for an overworked motor is to replace the current pump system with a more powerful unit.

    Zoeller M53

    We recommend the Zoeller Mighty Mate. It has a 1/3 HP motor that can pump up to 2,580 gallons per hour gallons of water per hour.

    2. Clogged Drains

    If your basement receives consistent water flow but the pump is still vibrating is might be due to clogged drain lines. Sump water often has small debris and particles that can pass through the sump motor and clog the drain lines.

    The smaller hole in the drain lines forces the pump to work harder and hard to push water through an increasingly small opening.

    We recommend cleaning the lines at least once per year to prevent blockages from building up.

    3. Piping Problems

    In some cases the vibrations are coming from the pipes instead of the pump. If a long stretch of piping is vibrating it can cause noise throughout the entire home. Simulate a flood by feeling your son basin with a few buckets of water so the motor activates and watch the drain lines to see if they are vibrating more than normal.

    If they are you may need to tighten the attachments or replace that part of the piping. This noise is often referred to as water hammering and can be minimized with a high-quality check valve like the Zoeller 30-0181.

    Worried about water hammering

    Water hamming is usually caused by a low quality check valve – invest a little extra and your family will not have to hear it open and close all night!

    4. Loose Connections

    If the rattling seems to be coming from the start or end of a piece of pipe it is typically a good signal did that area is loose. Overtime Pipe connector joints will be loosened and weekend which can lead to rattling and an eventual leak. When you noticed this you should take action right away and tighten the connection or replace the pipe before it turns into a small leak and eventually a flood.

    5. Pebble Inside Motor

    A small rock or other particle stuck inside the motor can also cause vibrations – as well as a lot of noise and damage to the pump. Most pumps have filters that prevent rocks from entering the inside of the motor but from time to time the filter will break – or a small pebble will sneak past. Internal pats like the impeller are sensitiveness and even small damage can ruing the motor forever.

    Check the owners manual for how to remove the materials from the inside of the pump. Some will require disassembling part of the shell while others have a compartment for easy cleaning.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Should my discharge pipe vibrate?

    Your sump pump discharge pipe should not vibrate under normal circumstances.

    What does a vibrating pump mean?

    A vibrating pump means the motor is overworked or there is a mechanical or maintenance problem.

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