Zoeller vs Wayne Sump Pumps

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Choosing the best sump pump for your basement can be hard, two of the most popular brands are Zoeller and Wayne. Both Companies make high quality pumps but if you are a first time shopper the decision making process can be tough. In this article we will review Zoeller sump pumps vs Wayne sump pumps to see which is best in a variety of situations! Keep reading to learn more about our top picks for each brand.

Wayne and Zoeller make a number of sump pump with different powered motors ranging in price from about $100 to over $250. 

Let’s compare Zoeller and Wayne pumps side by side.

Side By Side Comparison

Zoeller Sump Pump Information

Zoeller sump pumps are known for their signature green color and cast iron shell. They are popular with home owners across the Midwest and North East to protect their basement thanks to the dependable pump and reliable vertical float switch. Models like the M53 Mighty Mate, M63 and Zoeller 508 are all automatically activated by vertical float switches and the 508 even has a built in battery back up system.

  • Most powerful – Zoeller 267
  • Most popular – M53 Mighty Mate
  • Lowest cost – Zoeller 30
  • Our top choice – Zoeller 57



Wayne Sump Pump Information

Wayne offers a wider selection of pumps in the low to medium price range which is good for homeowners that need a weaker pump or renters. While the pumps may not have much motor protection or advanced features of Zoeller models they are still a good choice for their cost. One of Wayne’s most popular pumps is the Waterbug which costs less than $100 and is a good option for homeowners on a budget.

One advantage Wayne has over Zoeller is pump horsepower. Wayne pumps tend to offer more a more powerful pump at the same cost of Zoeller models which can be an advantage if you need a high flow rate or have a high head height.

  • Most powerful – WAYNE CDU1000
  • Most popular – WAYNE CDU980E
  • Lowest cost – WaterBUG
  • Our top choice – WAYNE CDU800



Zoeller Company Information

Zoeller was founded in 1939 in Louisville, KY. They make a number of different types of pump, including their line of green cast iron sump pumps. 

Wayne Company Information

The Wayne Pump company was founded in 1928 by Norbert Berghoff in Fort Wayne Indiana. The company manufacturers sump pumps as well as lawn pumps, sewage pumps, well pumps and pool pumps.

Our Final Say

Still are not sure which is the right model for your basin? If you need a cheap pump that will only last a few years for occasional use we recommend the Wayne Waterbug but if you need a dependable pump that will last beyond 2020 we recommend a Zoeller pump like the M53 Mighty Mate or M63.

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