Sump Pump Reviews

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Superior Pump 91250 Review

Clearing standing water is is important to prevent water damage in your basement and other water based problems around your home. If you are shopping for a reasonably priced sump pump we recommend the Superior Pump 91250. The cynic within us tends to live by the old adage “you get what you pay for.” This

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Need a new sump pump for your basement and considering the Wayne EEAUP250? We reviewed the pump to see if it is a good option for protecting your home from flooding. Keep reading the rest of the article to learn if this sump pump is the best choice for your basement. We recommend this pump

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WAYNE ESP25 Back Up Sump Pump Review

When a heavy storm hits and the power in your home goes out you will need a battery powered pump that automatically turns on or be ready with a bucket to keep your basement dry! That is where the Wayne ESP25 comes in! Most home owners never think about installing a battery powered pump until

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The 5 Best Portable Sump Pumps

A portable sump pump is one of the quickest ways to remove standing water from your basement, backyard or crawl space. Many homeowners already have a permanent pump installed in their basement but don’t realize how owning a portable pump can protect their home. The portable pump you should use depends on the amount of

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Superior Pump 92330 Review

A need to pump out water could strike at any time. Sure, there may be instances where a sump collects water with a measure of predictability, but there are also times when the need to clean up some potentially damaging liquid comes out of left field. It’s during these times that you better have a

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