Superior Pump 92330 Review

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A need to pump out water could strike at any time. Sure, there may be instances where a sump collects water with a measure of predictability, but there are also times when the need to clean up some potentially damaging liquid comes out of left field.

It’s during these times that you better have a reliable sump pump that you can trust to operate at a moment’s notice. The Superior Pump 92330 is a pump that stakes its claim on being reliable as well as tough and cost-effective. How does it measure up to these assertions?

Superior Pump 92330


  • .333 HP lifts water 25′
  • Long lasting design
  • Maxes out at 2400 GPH

Pump Performance Guide

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of sump pumps, one of the first things you should take note of is how much water a device can move. This is usually expressed in gallons per hour (gph), although it could also be expressed in gallons per minute.

Obviously, the higher the gph on a sump pump, the more efficient the water will be moved. The speed at which a device can suck up water does tend to have some correlation to a pump’s price point, but it doesn’t completely influence the machine’s cost.


  • 1/3 HP motor
  • Fits 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″ NPT discharge lines
  • Activated with tethered float switch
  • Exterior thermoplastic body
  • Weights about 8.5 punds

In Depth Look

Superior Pump doesn’t come with the kind of history that some of its competitors boast – the company was founded in 1999. Yet what the Minneapolis-based company lacks in tenure it makes up by building products that have pretty impressive staying power.

This sump pump is a machine that certainly follows this narrative.

Made with a thermoplastic construction featuring corrosion resistant stainless steel, this sump pump also contains a 4.1-amp motor that provides sufficient oomph to get the job done, but does so in an energy-efficient manner. The combination of sturdy design and operational efficiency gives the pump an impressive level of endurance that lives up to the company’s reputation.

The reliability of this pump is also augmented by the pump’s pure power. The pump can move up to 40 gallons of water per minute. This extrapolates to 2400 gallons per hour, which ultimately means it can drain sumps, pools, or any other space where liquid could collect rather rapidly, particularly when you consider its price point.

Even though the compact, 9.1-pound pump can take on and distribute a whole bunch of water, you don’t necessarily have to worry about it taking on eventual water damage. As mentioned earlier, the device is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

This design feature is further augmented by the presence of double seals placed on the bottom of each of the pump’s motor plates. This ensures that the water will never get into the motor, despite how many times it’s used.

Although it’s designed to be a classically operating sump pump, this model can be modified to give it additional versatility. Its tethered float switch can be removed, which allows it to be a utility pump, ready to be used for smaller or unique jobs like pool or backyard pond refills. The float switch can easily be reattached when it’s time to use it for its intended purposes.

The price point may arguably be its most attractive feature. It contains an impressive amount of bells and whistles while still managing to stay within the low- to mid-range price level. The pump does indeed offer very nice value, as the power and efficient design are typically reserved for items that carry a higher price tag.

Even with all of the positives that Superior Pump 92330 possesses, the pump is not a perfect machine. Its design loses points for being somewhat bulky, which make it a bit tough to use.

This is particularly the case if you’re a novice in the sump pump game or if you’re used to working with smaller sized pumps in the past. This may also cut down on some of its versatility – something to note if you plan on using the pump for occasional utilitarian purposes.

Some people also found the placement of the tether was a bit problematic. Rather than attaching to the side, the tether attaches to the top, meaning that it may take a little higher water level for the float switch to activate. What’s more, there is no alternate placement for the tether, so you’ll have to adjust to its design. Some may find this makes the pump tough to work on smaller jobs with a great deal of efficiency.

Our Final Recommendation

Usually, when you get a sump pump that’s in the low to mid-price range, you can expect to see a device that won’t offer much beyond doing its basic function. The fact that the Superior Pump 92330 breaks this convention is definitely noteworthy.

While it doesn’t quite reach the performance metrics of the higher-end pumps, its performance does tend to outshine the other models in its price range. Add its reputation for durability into the mix, and you have a sump pump that is worthy of a look, particularly if you’re prone to consistent problem areas.

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