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Our team of basement water proofing experts reviewed the WAYNE WSS30V and put it to the test to see if it is a good choice for your basin. The pump has a super powerful 1/2 HP motor and built in back up pump system in case the power goes out in a storm. Keep reading more to learn if this model is the right pick for your home.

The WSS30V solves one of the biggest problems with sump pumps since it has a battery backup powered pump that automatically actives when the primary pump fails. This back up is perfect for people with big basements and live in areas with frequent power failure, or heavy water flow in the basement since the backup will turn on if there is too much in the basin for the main pump to handle.

Model Specifications


This model costs more than other pumps on the market. It is usually priced around $400. It is important to remember that this high price tag is due to the built in back up and when you factor in adding a backup battery to other systems the cost is about the same.

This combination sump pump comes ready to work, all you need to do is drop it in your pit and attach to a power source. Every WAYNE pump is tested for 1 million cycles and assembled in the USA so the chances of you getting a lemon are low.

Pump Information

  • Main pump drain max 5100 GPH
  • Backup pump drains 2900 GPH
  • Built in backup powered by DC battery that can drain 10000 gallons per charge
  • Makes almost no noise while pumping
  • Weights about 46 pounds
  • Requires a large basin
  • Water tight battery box
  • Fits common discharge pipe sizes

The pre-assembled sump pump has a 1/2 HP pump as its primary system and a 1/4 HP back up pump which gives it more power than most other systems on the market. This combo of deep cycle pumps drains up to 8000 gallons of water per hour while both pumps are active during heavy rain or snow melt. One of the most surprising things about the motors is how little noise they make which makes them a good choice for people worried about noise.

The motor is protected by an exterior made of cast iron and epoxy coasted steel. One thing to note is that this pump system does require a separate check valve which is sold separately.

Float Switch
This model is activated by an exterior vertical float switch that sits on the side of the unit. When water builds up and rises the large white part of the switch rises. Once it hits the “On” level the pump will turn on and drain all the water out the discharge pipe.



WSS30V Advantages

We think that the WSS30V is a good choice to prevent basement flooding long as you can afford the high price tag. This pump will be able to drain your sump pit for days even if the power goes out which is a good insurance policy for your basement. Both the primary pump and back up pump are powerful and well made, both are quiet enough not to interrupt your life and the battery backup provides peace of mind.


Both sump pumps are very similiar. The new WSS model has an upgraded body that adds additional cast iron and epoxy steel that replaces thermoplastic parts. These changes make the pump more waterproof and extend its life.

Owner Feedback

We checked around the web and customer reviews are mostly positive. People like the 2-in-1 design and there are a number reports of the backup pump saving the day while the power is out. Some things to remember are it is a large unit so you will need a big basin and the battery does need to be checked every few months. One thing to keep in mind while shopping is that you will need to install a check valve for this system to work!

Why Should Your Purchase This Pump?

If you are still not sure about this pump here are a few more reasons. The biggest cause of catastrophic flooding is sump pump failure. This pump can save the day with its high flow rates on both the main and backup pump. 

The price tag may seem high initially but once you factor in the main pump, back up and battery system in a ready to use kit it is hard to say no. We think this model is best for homeowners with large homes and big basements in high rainfall areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy a WSS30V?
You can purchase a WSS30V on Amazon or at your local hardware store.

How to install a WAYNE WSS30V?
This system comes ready to work and installation is fast and easy. All you need to do is place it in the bottom of your pit and attach the power cords.

How to test a WSS30V?
You can test the this model by filling up the pit with water using a hose or bucket until the float switch activates the pump.

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