SumpMarine UTP Review

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Water build up and flooding and cause serious damage to your home and property. If you experience regular flooding we recommend the SumpMarine UTP Water Pump. It is a heavy duty pump that is tough enough to handle the elements while moving over 300 gallons of waster per hour.

Household flooding is a serious problem in areas that receive a lot of rain or are near wet areas of the country. Solving the flooding problem is almost impossible, the best thing to do is have a heavy duty pump that move water before it pools and damages your home, basement or crawlspace. In this article our team of pump experts reviewed the SumpMarine UTP to decide if it is one of the best portable water pumps on the market.

Pump Information

Sumpmarine UTP

We know that finding a pump that is powerful enough to keep up with a heavy water flow and does not die after one season is tough. That is why we recommend this portable transfer water pump! It is light weight and easy to activate to start draining water.



Pump Features

  • 1/10 HP motor with interior impeller
  • Drains 330 gallons of water per hour
  • Metal hose connectors are built to last
  • Easy to use, install and maintain
  • Connects to standard green garden hose
  • Powered by 115V wall socket and extension cord

The SumpMarine Pump is powered by a 1/10 horsepower motor. It may not sound like a lot but it gives the pump enough power to move 330 gallons of water per hour. The motor has an interior impeller to propel water, plus it comes with a replacement in case it gets damaged by a pebble.

Power Connection
This pump is powered by your standard wall socket. There is a 4′ power cord attached to the pump so you will need an extension cord most of the time.

Drainage Lines
Drain lines are one of the most important parts of a water pump. This model uses standard garden hoses to drain water – plus the pump comes with a 6′ hose. We recommend using a longer hose to drain water to a safer area. The hoses connect to the pump via metal hose connectors instead of low quality plastic connectors.

Consumer Reviews
Picking the right pump can be hard with so many lemons on the market. We did some research into customer reviews and ratings to see if we found any major problems. Ratings on all of the major consumer sites were positive with most ratings being 4 or more stars.

Sumpmarine UTP Advantages

This pump has many advantages over similar pumps. We like this model because it is easy to use and built to last. Since the entire pump weighs just 5.3 pounds almost anyone can get it out and plug it in which is important when water levels are rising.

Another reason we like this pump is because of the metal hose connectors. Other similarly priced pumps have plastic connectors that are difficult for garden hoses to stay connected to during extended use.

The final reason we recommend this water pump for homeowners is that it can drain water down to 1/8″. This might not sound important but every bit of water that can be drained means a little less flooding your home!

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