Zoeller M53 vs Zoeller M57

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You’ve spent time scouring the web for the perfect sump pump and unsurprisingly arrived at Zoellers Mighty Mate 50 series. This line of sump pump is one of the best on the market.

The series prides itself on longevity and performance whilst also proving friendly to both the wallet and the average family home. But which of the two is the worthy winner in this face off?

Key Differences between the M53 and M57

The major difference between these two pumps is the materials used. The M57 replaces the thermoplastic base and engineered plastic impeller in the M53 with cast iron. This does add extra weight, but reduces movement of the pump in the pit, and adds longevity from risk of rust.

Naturally due to the extra cast iron used in the M57, the M53 saves on weight and more importantly budget. At $20-$30 cheaper the M53, is attractive to those on a tight budget. Importantly, both pumps are at a super competitive price on Amazon, and due to the internet the M57 is finally getting some coverage compared with the plumber friendly M53 which has seen popularity for years.

Zoeller M53 and M57 Compared

The M53 and M63 might appear similar at first glance but there are a few key difference to be aware of before making your final decision. The M63 has a more powerful pump and comes with a few extra features that make operations easier. The M53 has the same body style and float switch as the M63 but the pump is slightly less powerful, but it does costly slightly less money which is important for homeowners on a budget.

Zoeller M53 Overview

Zoeller M53


  • Sealed water resistant code to ensure safe operation
  • Ceramic and carbon shaft that seals protecting heat and oil linkages
  • Heavy for stability against vibration during operation
  • Flexible cord for easy connection of the pump to a nearby power socket

With its 3 year warranty but roughly 10 year average lifespan, this cast iron 21lb pump has proven hugely popular for years. As a sure fire favors it offers easy installation and connectedness with backup batteries/alarms.

Sporting a 1/3HP motor, 115/230V power and 43GPM flow rate, this pump is powerful, yet remains quiet and low on vibrations. It also uses a float activated switch for ease, with a 1-½”NP discharge and can pass 2” solid debris, whilst its submersion proves definitive through its rust resistant cast iron exterior.

Used by professional plumbers, along with it easy and fast installation, the M53 is truly solid. Long life span and its ability to work with back-up batteries and alarms are undeniable pros but the biggest attraction surely comes from the cost which really does wonders for those on a tight budget.

However, it does falter. Its potential for noise and vibration is apparent, along with its need to DIY a weep hole to allow flow in the pump could be problematic for some unwilling to tamper. Additionally, the float switch performance flames out rather quickly which could cause a bit of a continuous headache in the cellar.

Yet, for someone willing to invest the time and care into this device, it will undeniably respond with longevity and considering its low price on Amazon exceptional value for money.


  • No hammering noise
  • Made of heavy cast iron
  • Easy to use and install
  • Automatic activation
  • Powerful 1/3 HP motor


  • Submersible design is difficult to clean
  • Float switch can get stuck and cause motor to overheat
  • 1/3 HP is not enough power to push water long distances

Zoeller M57 Overview

Zoeller M57


  • 1/3 HP motor
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Pumps maximum of 2,580 GPH
  • Max head height of 19.25′
  • Super efficient pump
  • 3 Year warranty

True to the Mighty Mate 50 series, the M57 boasts a full rust-free cast iron casing from top to bottom. The M57 also boasts a 3 year warranty and 10+ year average span, weighing in at 27lbs. An almost forgotten hero alongside other sump pumps on the market particularly its little brother the M53, the M57 may be the most viable option for a middle of the road, $150 pump.

With a ⅓ HP motor, 115/230V power, 43 GPM flow rate and 1-½” NP discharge rate it holds the same specs across the board as the M53, asides from its additional cast iron base and upgraded impeller.

The cast iron upgrades in the M57 compared with the thermoplastic base and plastic impeller of the M53, give it both more durability and advantageous weight addition – grounding the pump even more. You can now expect the M57 to last 5-7 years longer than its counterpart.

Similarly with the M53, the M57 struggles with noise and vibration reduction, and the DIY installation weep hole is also necessary to install. It sports the same dicey float switch, which under monitoring should hold up but could prove problematic in time.

How to Choose

Having duly honed your sump pump search down to the Mighty Mate 50 series, you are faced with a tough decision between these two excellent machines. Shining through as great options for the average family pump, these two mid-range pumps both have similar but great specifications technically, only faltering with regard to the float switch and decreased flow rate compared with other pumps.

Positively, the M50 series provides debris management, cast iron casing and impressive all round specs, for a sturdy yet reliable cellar pump. When rivalled one must ultimately decide between 3 main factors regarding these machines. It boils down to weight, longevity and price. For the extra cost you get more weight (which ultimately favours pumps) and an extra couple of years at least. But similarly for less money you get a very similar product in the M53, for those on a tight budget.

Our Final Say

Ultimately, both the M53 and the M57 are excellent choices for a sump pump. But in this case, the extra money for the M57 goes a long way, and whilst not being as well known as the M53, the M57 just adds slightly more value to a household.

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