Zoeller M98 vs M53

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The Zoeller M98 and M53 are top of the line sump pumps but each model has pros and cons. We put together in-depth research comparing both models to see which pump is best for your home. Keep reading to learn more about both the M98 and M53 Mighty Mate.

M53 and M98 Compared

Key Differences

While both Zoeller sump pumps are made by Zoeller there are a few key differences that set them apart. The M98 is more expensive than the M53 but both are affordable on any household budget (less than $200). With the higher cost, the M98 provides a higher flow rate of 72 gallons of water per hour thanks to the 1/2 HP motor compared to 43 GPH and 1/3 HP on the M53. This might not seem like a large difference but if you receive lots of groundwater or have a high head height you should invest in the extra horsepower.

Another key difference that sets these two pumps apart is the base material. The M53 Mighty Mate has a thermoplastic base that is not as durable as the solid cast iron base of the M98.

Keep in mind that both pumps will need a check valve to protect your basement!

Zoeller M98 Overview

Zoeller M98


  • 1/2 HP motor
  • Cast iron body
  • Pumps 4,320 GPH
  • 6″ Float range of motion
  • 1 Year warranty

The M98 is one of the more powerful pumps that Zoeller manufacturers. It as a 1/2 HP pump and can drain over 4000 gallons of water per hour. Like other Zoeller pump it is activated by a vertical float switch and is protected by a cast iron body.


  • Cast iron build
  • Good float switch
  • Good for high head heights


  • No built-in alarm

Zoeller M53 Overview

Zoeller M53


  • 3/10 HP motor
  • Cast iron body
  • Pumps 2680 gallons per hour
  • Activated by float switch
  • 1 Year warranty

The Zoeller M53 Might Mate is one the most popular pumps on the market. It has a 3/10 HP pump which is a good size for most residential homes but may not be powerful enough for a large home with lots of sump water. Installation is easy and the M53 typically lasts for at least 5 years so you are getting good value for your money.


  • Cheaper than the M98
  • Easy to install
  • Auto activated vertical float switch


  • Less effective at head heights more than 10′

Our Final Say

Both of these sump pumps are good choices but it is important to do some research so you don’t overspend or get a motor that is too powerful and burn out the pump. Zoeller always makes top of the line pumps that are factory tested so you know you are not getting a lemon. If you live in a high water are we recommend choosing the M98 and if you live in a lower area or a mobile home purchasing a Mighty Mate.

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