YoLink vs GoVee Water Sensors

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    Are you a homeowner trying to decide between YoLink and GoVee Smart Home Water Sensors to protect your basement and crawlspace from water damage? Our team of water damage experts did the research to find out which brand is best for your home in 2024!

    Both brands make quality sensors – keep reading to find out which brand is the best option for alerting you to leaks and standing water!

    YoLink vs GoVee Compared

    YoLink and GoVee are two of the most popular home automation system. Find out the pros and cons of each of their latest models of smart water sensors.

    YoLink Smart Home Water Sensor

    YoLink Water Sensor
    • Connects using long range LoRa technology
    • Connects to Alexa and IFTTT and receive alerts via text message plus an audible alarm
    • Plug directly into router for easy connection
    • Place near sump pumps, washing machine, crawl spaces and other areas that are likely to flood

    GoVee Water Sensor

    GoVee Water Sensor
    • Sensors connect to app and emit 100 dB alarm when water is detected
    • Built using IP66 waterproof design
    • Connect up to 10 sensors per router
    • Creates record of leaks in the app
    • Connects to WiFi in minutes

    Key Differences

    Both sensors do a good job but there are a few key differences that separate both models. Check the table below to compare both smart water sensors side by side.

    Connection typeLong range LoRa technologyWiFi connection
    Alert typeApp and audible alarm App and audible alarm
    Max sensorsUnlimited10
    Max distance1/4 mile100 meters
    Power source2 AAA batteries‎6 AAA batteries
    PricingSee on Amazon See on Amazon

    How to Choose

    Choosing GoVee vs YoLink can be a tough decision even after hours of researching comparing the water sensors. Since both offer roughly the same features and functionality at the same price point it can be hard to pick a true winner. The biggest considerations when making your final decision should be the type of connection (LoRa vs WiFi) and the total number of devices (unlimited vs 10)!

    Our Final Say

    Both the YoLink and GoVee water wensors are good choices – but the YoLink has more functionality and range at the same price as the GoVee. The YoLink also can connect to IFTT which allows it to connect with almost any service!

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