YoLink Water Sensor Review

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    Water damage can cause serious damage to your basement – but if you have water sensors like the YoLink Water Sensor you can get notifications directly on your phone the moment a leak is detected. In this article we will review the YoLink Water Sensor and decide if it is a good choice to install in your basement or crawlspace!

    The YoLink is one of the most popular smart home systems and the water sensors are a must have if you have a basement, crawl space or are worried about home flooding. It does not take long for water damage to set in after a leak so it is important you get a notification at the first sign of a leak!

    YoLink Information

    YoLink Water Sensor

    The YoLink water sensors are our top pick because they are easy to setup, highly dependable and work through thick flooring and walls without drawing a lot of power – only 3 AAA batteries will last for years!

    Smart Water Sensor Specifications

    • Powered by state of the art LoRa technology
    • Sounds a loud audible alarm and send text message alerts when a leak is detected
    • Sensors link with Hub anywhere in the home – even through multiple floors and in the basement
    • Quick and easy to connect – just plug the hub into your router


    • Long range LoRa connection works anywhere in the house
    • 5 year battery life
    • Receive notification at the first sign of water near the sensor
    • Easy to install multiple sensors in ever important location to protect against flooding
    • No power connection required
    • Connects to Alexa, IFTTT an YoLink app


    • Powered by 2 AAA batteries instead of Lithium which have a longer lifespan

    How to Setup and Install a YoLink Water Sensor

    The YoLink Water Sensor can be set up and installed in your home in about 30 minutes. The Hub kit attaches to your router and the individual water sensors are placed in areas that are likely to flood – then linked with the YoLink hub using LoRa technology.

    How to Use

    The first step is to install your Hub to your router – this is the key to powering your smart water sensors. The next step is to install the water sensors in areas around your home that are likely to flood. We recommend installing sensors in the basement, crawl space, near the sump pump, and near the washing machine for total coverage.

    Once the water sensors are in place and you will receive notifications on your phone at the first sign of water near the sensor which will give you plenty of time to prevent a costly basement flood.

    LoRa Connection

    The YoLink Water Sensor is powered by LoRa technology to connect back to the Hub. LoRa stands for low power long range which makes it the perfect choice for water sensors in a large home. The connection is not impacted by floors and walls and can travel up to 1/4 of a mile which means it will fit in even the largest homes!

    Where to Buy

    The YoLink Water Sensor can be purchased on Amazon.com or at Yosmart.com.

    Warranty and Troubleshooting

    The YoLink Water Sensors are surprisingly durable and easy to setup. If you have trouble connecting your sensors to the hub try to connect them while standing in the same room as the Hub and slowly walking them into their final position. The Hub and sensors also come with a manufacturers warranty that covers basic defects and flaws.

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