How Deep Should a Sump Pump and Discharge Line Be?

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    Trying to install a sump pump discharge line by your self but not sure how deep it should be. In this post our team well outline how do you different types of discharge pipes need to be in order to properly drain sump water.

    Keep reading to learn more about sump pump, basin and discharge line depths:

    Installing your drain line at the wrong depth and not digging your trench deep enough can have disastrous results like a frozen line, a flooded yard and lines that do not completely drain.

    While drain lines can also be installed above ground it is more convenient to dig a trench and set them up below your lawn. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to dig your pipes to the correct depth

    Discharge Piping Depth

    You should install your sump pump discharge line 2 feet below The frost line in your County. This will help prevent the water in the pipe from freezing and causing clogs while still making it easy to dig and access the trench in case there are any problems.

    In most areas this means the lines should be buried 2 to 3 feet underground in most parts of the United States. If the pipes are not deep enough they may freeze during heavy snowstorms.

    Digging the Trench

    Drainage trenches can be dug by hand or using a trench digging tool. Follow these step by step directions to dig your trench and correctly install the lines.

    Required Tools

    • A shovel or trench digging tool – If you need to dig a trench longer than 5 feet we recommend using a trench digger or else it will take a few days
    • A measuring tape – A measuring tape can be used to track how far you have dug
    • A tarp to pile the dirt onto for reburial

    Digging the trench can be easy – or difficult depending on the soil, depth and the trench length. Start digging from the where the discharge pipe exits the home and end as the drain point.

    Make sure to dig and lay the PVC pipe at a slight downhill so the water drains easily from the pipes. If it has to flow uphill and work against gravity you will need a more powerful sump pump.

    How Deep Should a Sump Pump Be?

    Most sump pumps and basins should be installed 3 feet deep but the exact depth depends on your local soil conditions and the amount of floodwater you expect to receive. Deeper pits can collect more water but will require a more powerful pump to drain all the water before overflowing the pit.

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