The 5 Best Basement Carpets

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    Want to finish your basement but not sure what is the best carpet for your basement? Picking the right basement carpeting can be hard because you need to blend style and design with durability and the ability to withstand a flood!

    In this article our team the experts probably take either a list of the five types of carpet for your basement. You are still having trouble picking the right basement flooring option and have more questions we can help you decide what carpet is best for concrete floors, wood floors and high flood zones.

    Why Install Basement Carpet?

    When most people think of a basement they think of a concrete floor – but carpet can be installed in the basement to ‘finish’ the room! By installing basement carpeting you can restyle your basement floor and turn your basement into a feature room of your house instead of a place for storage and sump pumps.

    When installing carpeting there are a few things to keep in mind to prevent flooding and mold growth under the carpet tile. Turning an unfinished basement into a usable room or ‘man cave’ is also a great way to increase the value of your home!

    Synthetic and Carpet Pads

    Basement carpet is prone to problems that your upstairs carpet might not experience, that is why you need to install a synthetic carpet and a carpet pad to avoid mold and moisture problems. If you choose to install a normal ‘upstairs carpet’ don’t be surprised to find mold growing after the first wet season – even with a good sump pump.

    Carpet padding is required in basement carpets because the floor is often concrete and the carpet alone is not soft enough to walk on. By putting a layer of padding below the carpet you can make your newly finished basement feel just like the upstairs of your home.

    Top Pick – 4urFloor Assorted Carpet Tile

    4urFloor Carpet Tile
    24″ x 24″ squares
    Sticks to floor with detachable back
    Mix and match or choose one style

    Our pick for the best carpet for the basement is the 4urFloor Assorted Carpet Tile. These carpet tiles are easy to stick down on the floor, are semi-water resistant, and fit many styles.

    Plus, if you are worried about kids spilling something or tearing the carpet all you have to do is replace the damaged tile. The tiles are 24″ x 24″ and are easy to clean, stain, and water-resistant and can be installed with the tools in your garage.

    Runner Up – Achim Home Furnishings Nexus Carpet

    Achim Carpet
    12 square feet of carpet per box (12 x 12)
    Made of 100% heavy-duty polyester
    Stain, fade, moisture and mold resistant

    Another good choice for a man cave or basement gaming room carpet is the Achim Home Furnishings Nexus Carpet. This option is a peel-and-stick carpet made of heavy-duty polyester which is moisture resistant and hard for mold to grow and spread.

    This polyester carpet is ribbed and each square fits together in a pattern of your choosing – so you can build a look at fits your design!

    Top Plush Carpet – All American Carpet Wellington Plush

    Wellington Carpet
    Eady to install with peel-off film
    Scotchgard Protector protects from moisture
    Perfect for DIY basement home improvement

    Plush carpets like the All American Wellington Tiles are the best choice if you want plush carpets in your basement. These tiles are finished with Scotchguard to repel water, stains, and soil. There are 11 different colors and variations so you can find the perfect color for your basement flooring or mix and match to create a variety of effects.

    Each square is highly durable and should last for at least 8 to 10 years if there are no moisture problems. We recommend this carpet option for families that want to convert a basement into a game room for the kids since it is spill-friendly!

    Plush carpeting is recommended in areas that experience cold winters because it helps retain heat in the basement!

    Top Loop Carpet – All American Carpet Victory Carpet Tiles

    Victory Carpet
    23.5 x 23.5 carpet tile squares
    Finished with Scotchguard
    Sticks to the floor with long-lasting tape

    If you are looking to install loop carpeting in your basement then we recommend the Victory All American Carpet. These tight loops form a solid layer of fabric that is super soft to walk on.

    These carpet squares are good for basements because they are treated with Scotchguard to repel water and stains – and the loop design makes them popular with kids. These tile squares can be installed by peeling the tape off the back and sticking them

    Top Waterproof Carpet – uyoyous Carpet Tile

    uyoyous Carpet
    Nonslip carpet for high moisture basements
    20″ x 20″ carpet squares
    5 layer design with PVC finishing

    A vapor barrier and good drainage will only get you so far. If you live in a high flood area you will need waterproofed carpet like the uyoyous Carpet Tile. These tiles are finished with polypropylene, fiberglass mesh, and PVC.

    One of the main reasons we like these tiles is that they are built using a 5 layer system. The bottom layers are super waterproofed, mildew resistant, and tough enough for any basement while the top is as soft as any luxury vinyl tile. The tiles can easily be cut into any shape with a strong pair of scissors or laid in a square pattern.

    When Should I NOT Install Carpet?

    Carpet is a stylish way to turn your basement into a finished room but it may not be right in all homes. If your basement floods every year because you live next to a river or a higher than normal water level it might be smarter to finish the basement with another basement flooring option like a finished concrete slab, solid wood floor, laminate flooring, ceramic tile, or vinyl plank flooring. If you HAVE to have carpet make sure to install rubber flooring or a concrete subfloor to prevent mold and mildew.

    Top Carpet Basement Styles

    There are a number of styles that work well in a basement if you do not want to install hardwood, tile flooring or sheet vinyl. We recommend using a synthetic blend, berber carpet or wool carpet for best results. You may also choose to install a rug for extra styling and carpet protection.

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