How Much Power Does A Sump Pump Use?

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    Sump pumps are powered by electricity (unless you have a water-powered pump) – but exactly how much electricity does a sump pump use? In this article, we will review exactly how much power does a sump pump use – keep reading to find out more!

    Different models of sump pumps use different amounts of power. Pumps with larger horsepower motors tend to use more power while running while smaller pumps will use less power per hour. Sump pumps use much more power while they are pumping water than when they are not in use – but they still draw some power from the outlet while in idle mode.

    In this guide we’ll take a look at exactly how much power a sump pump uses:

    Sump Pump Electricity Usage by Pump Horsepower

    The average sump pump uses about 10 kWh of power per month. Make sure you are not overloading your circuits or you could trip the breaker.

    Monthly Cost in Dollars

    Small pumps like 1/4 HP and 1/3 HP tend to cost about $10 to $20 per month to operate. Larger pump with 1 HP motors or larger can cost $30 to $40 per month to operate. Keep in mind the cost will spike during the wet spring months and during months where snow is melting due to an increase in ground water.

    Looking for an Energy Efficient Pump?

    Zoeller M53

    The best sump pump on the market is the M53 Mighty Mate. It has a high flow rate thanks to its powerful motor and a cast iron build that will last many years.

    Extra Electrical Use Due To Constant Starting and Stopping

    Sump pumps have powerful internal motors and that means they use extra power when starting. It is not uncommon to see pumps using extra electricity due to constantly starting and stopping. If this sounds like your pump double-check the check valve heigh and the drain rate to see if you can force the pump to run longer – which in turn will cause the pump to restart less often.

    Decreasing Monthly Costs

    If your eyes pop out of your head when you see your monthly power bill it might be time to increase your sump pump efficiency. Sump pumps will always be one of the highest energy using appliances but there are a few tips and tricks that can save money.

    First, decrease pump starting at stoping. Restarting the motor uses extra power and if the pump can run until the basin is dry it will consume less electricity!

    Second, check the drain lines for clogs. Overtime sediment will build up and make the motor work harder to pump the same amount of water.

    Third, install a more efficient pump with a smaller pump. People often assume bigger is better – but that is not always the case with sump pumps. Larger pumps use more energy which contributes to a higher monthly electric bill.

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