Sump Pump Basin Extension Guide

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    Sump pump basins come in all sizes designed to fit different basements and pump sizes but sometimes you will need to add a vertical extension. In this guide we will teach you when an extension is needed, how to install a basin extension and the best models from the most popular manufacturers – keep reading to learn more so you don’t have to hire an expensive plumber and how to pick the best basin extension for your home.

    Best Sump Pump Basin Extensions

    Shopping for an extension but not sure which one is the best for your basement? We reviewed the top 5 models to help you pick the right one. We checked out the most best models from different styles so you are sure to find an extension for you basin. We think the best choice for most basements is the Liberty Pumps X8.

    Liberty Pumps X8


    • Fits PRO370 and PRO380 models
    • Extends top by 8″
    • Includes attachment kit

    The Liberty extension kit is one of the most popular choice because it is easy to install, fits most basins and is just the right size at 8″. It is designed to fit both the PRO370 and PRO380 models but can also attach to a number of other basins. Another plus is that the kit comes with everything you need to attach it so you don’t have to spend time looking for your tools.

    24X6 Tuf-Tite Septic Tank Riser

    24X6 Tuf-Tite Septic Tank Riser


    • 6″ extension that works on septic tanks and sump basins
    • Built of tough plastic
    • Also available in larger sizes (12″, 16″, 20″ and 24″ sizes)

    The 24X6 Tuf-Tite Septic Tank Riser is another one of our favorite picks. It is available in a number of sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your basin. It works with both septic and as a sump extender and can have a lid attach to the top for an airtight seal.

    When A Basin Needs An Extension

    Not every basin needs a vertical extension, the most common reasons for adding an extension are to to catch water splashing out of the pit and give the basin extra capacity.

    Some pump systems can make a mess and splash water over the basement especially if they have leaky drain lines. This can ruin carpet, cause mold to grow, damage nearby electronics and ruin hardwood floors.

    If your basin is too small and you can’t get a bigger pit you can and more capacity by adding an extension. As long as it is watertight adding an extension will allow your pet to hold more water before it overflows. Some crawlspaces and small condos only have small pets that do not allow for a larger pump so you have to be creative and add more room vertically.

    How to Install

    Installing an extension for your basin is easier than you might think. While each kit is slightly different they attach in a few different ways. The most common attachment styles are ‘secure fit’ models that snap over the exterior of your current basin, ‘screw in’ extensions that attach with tiny screws and ‘magnetic’ kits that attach using magnets inside and outside of the basin.

    All of the kits costs about the same amount and can be installed in about 15 minutes without the help of a professional plumber. We recommend researching the style that has the best for for your basin so the seal is as water tight as possible.

    You will also need to measure the diameter so your current basin so you get the right size – too small and it will not fit and too large it will allow water out through the cracks.

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