Square Sump Pump Covers

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    If you are tired of looking at a sump pump in your basement you are probably looking for ideas to hide the sump pump in your basement. Sump pumps are meant to keep your basement dry by pumping out any standing water that may have accumulated there.

    Unfortunately, sump pumps are very loud and can disrupt the look of your basement if left on display. Fortunately, ideas exist to help you hide the sump pump in your basement so you can enjoy more peace and quiet while maintaining a dry basement

    Keep reading to learn ideas to hide sump pump in basement.

    Hide with Shelving

    Using a shelf to cover the sump pump is an excellent way to keep a sump pump out of sight but still accessible when needed. Simply install a shelving unit that reaches all the way down to the floor, or close enough that you can still get under it.

    Use A Decorative Sump Pump Cover

    One of the best ways to hide a sump pump is to install a decorative sump pump cover. Many sump pumps come with covers that are meant to be decorative in addition to functional.

    Use A Floor To Ceiling Curtain

    Another idea is to hang a floor-to-ceiling curtain between two supports so it stretches from the floor to the ceiling. This makes it look as if there is a wall where your submersible sump pump is installed. This is a good choice if you need to hide the pump but still keep it accessible at all times.

    Make sure that you don’t install a curtain directly in front of the sump pump. If you do, then water will build up and seep through your curtain and into your basement when the pump is running. Instead, try installing your curtain about an inch or two the floor.

    Build a Closet

    If your basement needs extra storage we recommend building a closet to hide your sump pump. If you already have a basement with shelves and storage then all you need to do is add a door that will completely cover the sump pump and its storage area.

    A closet is also a good idea if you have a loud sump pump because it will help contain the sound. It is also a good idea if you have children or pets because it will help keep them away from the once the sump pump has been turned on.

    Cover with a Chair or Couch

    If your basement lacks seating we recommend covering your sump pump with a chair or couch. Simply drape the seat part over the sump pump and then attach it underneath to keep it from falling off. This is a good idea if you have kids or pets that could get into trouble if they got caught near the sump pump while it is turned on.

    Just make sure the legs of the couch are not resting on top of the cover or else it may break when you are sitting on it!

    Cover with Fake Flooring

    One of the most effective ways of hiding a sump pit is with fake flooring. You can place fake flooring that’s meant to be wall-to-wall on the ground instead and then put your basement sump pump underneath it. Simply repeat this process with some shelving and you will have a great way to hide your sump pump without sacrificing storage space.

    When choosing fake flooring, try looking for one that has a natural look for your basement so it blends in with the surrounding area.

    Build a Small Deck

    A unique way to hide your sump pump is with a small deck. Simply build a wooden platform with two posts on either side to hold it up and place the sump pump underneath. We recommend installing carpet or hardwood over the top for an even more realistic look that won’t be out of place in any basement.

    Cover with Plants

    House plants are a good way to cover up your sump pump. Simply place them around the sump pump and make sure they don’t fall into the basin. Make sure you clean up any leaves that may fall into the pit before turning on the sump pump so you protect your basement from flooding!

    House plants are also a good idea because they provide additional basement insulation because of their height. This means you can use less heat or air conditioning for your basement which will save you money on your bills! Just make sure the plants don’t block any water that seeps into the basin.

    Cover with a Rug

    One of the quickest ways to hide a sump pump is to cover it with a rug. This is a simple and effective way to hide your sump pump without spending any extra money.

    Make sure that you choose a rug that matches the style of your basement so it gives off the appearance of being part of your flooring plan. This is especially important if you want ideas to hide sump pump in basement with fake flooring because the designs need to blend or else it will stick out like a sore thumb.

    Position Your Sump Pump Where It Is Not Noticeable

    Hiding a sump pump and backup can be hard especially if you want ideas to hide a sump pump in basement and your sump pump is right by the stairs. This makes it very uncomfortable for people to walk past because they will constantly be reminded of its presence. If you place your sump pump somewhere where it isn’t noticeable then it will not bother anyone as much as if it were placed near the main sitting area.

    Don’t Block The Sump Pump Discharge Pipe

    A very important step to take when considering ideas to hide sump pump in basement is not to block the sump pump drainpipe. A sump pump’s drainpipe is designed to release water that has been collected into the sump pit. If you block or clog this drainage system, then your basement will flood and cause permanent water damage to your home. It is also a good idea to make sure the float switch can activate the pump as the water level rises.

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