RadonAway RP140 vs RP145

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    A good Radon fan is an important part of a sump pump system. Two of the most popular fans on the market are the RadonAway RP140 and the RP145. Both of these Radon fans are very similar but have a few key differences that set them apart!

    In this post our team of experts checked out the similarities, differences plus the pro’s and con’s of each model – keep reading to find our which is best for your basement.

    RadonAway RP140 and RP145 Compared

    RadonAway RP140Low costSee Price
    RadonAway RP145Better Radon detectionSee Price

    RadonAway RP140 Overview

    RadonAway RP140


    • 135 CFM
    • Plastic build
    • Weighs 6 lbs
    • Mounts on duct pipe
    • Thermally protected
    • ETL Listed – for indoor or outdoor use

    RadonAway RP145 Overview

    Radonaway RP145


    • 166 CFM
    • 4″ diameter
    • Thermally protected motor
    • Quiet and attractive
    • Thermally protected
    • Water-hardened motorized impeller
    • Seams double snap sealed to inhibit radon leakage
    • ETL Listed – for indoor or outdoor use

    Key Differences

    The biggest difference between the RadonAway RP140 and RP145 is the cubic feet per minute flow rate. The RP145 is slightly higher at 166 cubic feet per minute, even more powerful but more expensive than the RP140, which is worth it. The RP140 only has a flow rate of 135 cubic feet per minute. The price difference is not much so we recommend choosing the more powerful fan if you have extra room in your budget.

    Our Final Say

    Both of these are good choices and very similar Radons fans. If you can’t decide between the two models we recommend choosing the RP145 so you are sure to vent all of the Radon from your home.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which Radon fan is better – the RP140 or RP145

    The RP145 has a slightly higher flow rate which makes is better for large systems.

    How long do RadonAway fans last?

    Most RadonAway fans last for at least 5 years if maintained properly.

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