Sump Pump Draining into Yard – Everything you need to know

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    If a sump pump is draining into the yard, then it can quickly turn into a muddy mess. Excessive water can arise from many different issues. Pumping water from your basement is important to prevent flooding. However, it does no good if it causes a flood in your yard.

    These are the 7 most important things to consider if your sump pump is draining into a yard or if you are having the unfortunate experience of a neighbor’s sump pump discharge flooding your yard. It is important to remember that this problem is fixable with some yard engineering and pump adjustments.

    1. Unusually High Water Table

    If a sump pump is having to deal with so much water that the yard is totally saturated, then flooding can occur quite rapidly.

    Sometimes the level of the water table can rise due to natural causes such as a wet fall or winter. Other common causes of high water tables – and other water in the yard is nearby rivers and streams.

    2. Too Fast Pump Rate

    If your pump is running a lot, then it may be pumping water out fast to keep your basement dry.

    Long bursts of pumping can lead to draining even if the period between these heavy pumping times is fairly long. If a sump pump is draining into a yard, then check to see how often it is running.

    3. Poor Drain Field Area

    If your soil is compacted heavily, then it is not going to be conducive to good drainage for your sump pump. Sand and other materials can be mixed in or added to drainage areas to help facilitate water flow. Sloping your drainage field some can also help.

    Keep in mind that over time the slope and compaction of the soil in your sump pump drainage area can change. If you walk over a spot a lot, then it can be amazing how fast the soil becomes compacted.

    4. Improve Overall Yard Drainage

    Although you may have to deal with digging in your yard quite a bit, installing drainage pipes under the soil may be necessary in severe moisture cases.

    French drains and perforated pipes can help direct water away from your yard or deal with the water coming from your neighbors sump pump flooding your yard.

    You can install an outdoor sump pump to make your yard nice to have.

    WAYNE Waterbug

    We recommend the WAYNE WaterBug for outdoor use and to prevent flooded yards. It is small, but powerful enough to drain a large yard in about an hour. The body is made to withstand the elements so it will have no problem outdoors.

    5. Create Water Features

    Water catchment and wet weather holding ponds can be another way to deal with excessive water.

    Rainwater gardens have become quite popular, but water from a sump pump will do as well to irrigate a beautiful garden of your design.

    This is one way to turn a situation where a sump pump is flooding a yard into a more positive experience.

    6. Dry Wells to Prevent Flooding

    Some homeowners find that digging several dry wells to hold excess water is a good solution. These “wells” are designed so that water is held and gradually allowed to drain away.

    This is a good solution in areas with soil that simply doesn’t offer good drainage. A professional should plan and construct dry wells for safety purposes.

    7. Major Pipe Ruptures

    Occasionally a pipe bursting in a home can cause enough water to accumulate in a basement area that the sump pump tries as hard as possible to pump the water out.

    All of this water can wind up in your yard or possibly in the neighbors. If you see a lot of water pumped out of your house or neighbors then you should give it the attention it deserves. When a pipe is broken or leaking your sump pump may be able to drain some of the water but won’t be able to get it all!

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