My Sump Pump Alarm Is Going Off – What To Do

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    Any alarm deserves some attention. If your sump pump alarm goes off, you can ensure your basement is not flooding, and your pump is still working correctly. If you hear your sump pump alarm going off, you must immediately investigate!

    Not sure what to do when your sump pump alarm is going off? Don’t worry – most people never hear their alarm go off so they are not sure what to do. The good news is you still have time to act before disaster strikes but you need to act fast to prevent a flood.

    We recommend every home install an alarm that links with their cell phone over WiFi and a backup pump that is ready to turn on at a moments notice in case of pump failure.

    Sump Pump High Water Alarm

    If the water level in your sump pit or basement exceeds a certain level, then the alarm can go off to let you know so you can take more action to prevent your basement or crawl space from flooding.

    This is the work of a sensor that is set at a particular level. When the water rises to the sensor, the alarm will trigger in the alarm box and warn you that a flood will happen soon.

    Always check this first, as it can potentially cause the most damage. Remember – if the power is out, you must bring a flashlight or cell phone.

    Need a New Alarm?

    Zoeller 10-0623 Alarm

    If you don’t have an alarm in your basement – or need a new one – we recommend the Zoeller 10. It works well with Zoeller pumps – as well as other popular models.

    Beware of Flooding!

    Even a small basement flood can cause thousands of dollars in damages and impact the value of your home. Always take high water alarms serious or you could be looking at a big bill! When your sump pump alarm goes off find out the cause right away in case the pump isn’t working.

    Check To Make Sure The Pump Is Running

    Sometimes a sump pump can simply stop pumping adequately and in this case you need to reset it. If your sump pump is running, then you can just let it do its job.

    Some people remove and dry the sensor but only return it after the pump has discharged the excessive water. This works, too – but you need to know what you are doing, or you may permanently damage the pump.

    Check the Basin Water Level

    Some water in your pump basin is normal – especially if it has been raining, but if it looks like there is “too much,” something might be wrong. Suppose the water level is too high, check to see if the pump is working and if the drain lines are clogged.

    Alarm Goes Off Too Often

    A sump pump not big enough to handle the amount of water in your basement can lead to an alarm system going off very often.

    This may mean that you need to upgrade to a newer and possibly larger sump pump.

    This occurs more often than one might think because water tables can change over the years because of various factors, such as development and changing weather patterns.

    If your sump pump alarm is going off often do not ignore the problem or you may head downstairs to a wet basement and a mold problem!

    Sump Pump Beeping Noises

    A sump pump beeping can cause an alarm or may just be letting you know the pump is about to activate. The first thing to do when you hear unexpected beeping noises from the basement or crawl space is to investigate and ensure no flooding. After that, ensure the pump alarm goes off only in the event of flooding. Sometimes a beep from the pump may mean the batteries are low in the alarm.

    Most sump pumps have good built-in alarms and alerts so if you hear beeping investigate right away when the alarm goes off. If you hear you pump unit consistently beeping you should check the pump right away!

    PumpSpy PSO 1000

    Most pump alarms beep when there is a problem, but high-end pumps like the PumpSpy can also send text message alerts to your phone when flooding or when there is a power outage.

    Your Backup Sump Pump Is Operating

    Sometimes alarms can occur because homes have a backup and battery-operated secondary sump pump that kicks on in the event of a power outage or failure of the primary pump or float switch.

    Having a battery back up sump pump is a great idea if power outages or seasonal storms are an issue in your area. Ideally, you want a backup that can run for at least 4 hours so your power has a chance to come back on.

    Although the battery will only last for so long, it can go a long way toward preventing catastrophic flooding in your basement.

    Don’t Unplug Your Pump

    There is no point in unplugging a sump pump if the alarm is going off. Since the alarm is a sign that the pump is not able to keep up with water flow, unplugging it can just lead to more severe flooding in your basement and increase the chances that you will get a lot of water damage to your foundation and possibly other parts of your home.

    Zoeller M98

    If the alarm on your Zoeller pump is going off there is probably something wrong and you need to take immediate action! Zoeller pumps (like the M53 and M98) and very dependable and their alarms and good at detecting problems and potential basement floods.

    Many of the most popular Zoeller pumps do not come with alarms so it is important to install one yourself.

    Basement Watchdog Alarm Won’t Stop

    If you Basement Watchdog battery alarm won’t stop first make sure that there is nothing wrong with your pump system and there is no risk of a flood. After that check the power connection for the pump and battery back up as well as fill the unit to make sure it is not overheating or too cold air and at risk of freezing.

    Some of the other most common causes include:

    • Low battery fluid
    • Loose power cables
    • Battery is low on power or corrupted
    • Power outlet or fuse has failed

    How to Turn Off & Reset Sump Pump Alarm

    Once you are sure your pump is working correctly it is time to turn off and reset the alarm. Most pump models have a reset switch and separate alarms can be reenabled via their interface. If you are not sure how to reset the alarm check your owners manual. Remember – permanently disabling the alarm puts you at risk of basement water damage!

    Get Professional Help

    If your sump pump seems to be having trouble handling the level of moisture in your basement area than you might want to get it looked at by a professional that can more easily assess the core problems you are dealing with and offer the quickest and most cost effective options for your family.

    Sometimes repairs can be made that mean you don’t have to invest in a totally new system if a specific part is causing the problem.

    The cost of a professional is minuscule compared to the damages and health risks you can face when moisture issues are ignored for far too long. Some issues can be fixed in a single visit from a professional service call and save a lot of money and double check your basement waterproofing.

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