How to Install a Zoeller Sump Pump

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    If you bought a Zoeller sump pump and are not sure how to install the sump pump then you are not alone. There are many homeowners that buy a pump pump system from Zoeller (like the M53) but don’t know hot to install the pump pump system in their pump pit.

    In this guide we will teach you everything you need to know about installing Zoeller sump pumps, backup sump pumps so you can be sure your sump pump installation is correct and ready to prevent a basement flood!

    How to install a Zoeller Sump Pump

    Step by Step Installation Instructions

    Follow these step by step instructions to install your sump pump and check valve in your basement. If you still have installation question call our team at (phone) for help with a primary sump pump, backup pump – including Zoeller pedestal sump pump.

    1 – Locate or Dig the Pit

    The first step is to find your current sump pit or dig a new pit. The sump pump system should be lined with a sump basin and sump liner to make the entire system waterproof.

    2 – Place the Pump

    Next, place the Zoeller pump at the bottom of the basin. Make sure it is properly positioned if it is a pedestal pump and the discharge pipe is securely attached. Adjust the float switch so the pump will activate as the water level rises.

    3 – Attach Piping and Power

    After the pump is placed in the pit it is time to attach the pvc pipe for drainage. The water will drain out of the pipe into the main sewer line as the pump activates. Make sure your primary pump has enough horsepower to pump the water out of your basement or crawl space.

    4 – Attach Alarm and Backup Pump

    For max protection we recommend also installing an alarm and battery powered backup sump pump. Large rain storms often cause sump pumps to pump more water than normal – and the power to go out in your home.

    A high water alarm and a battery backup sump pump will alert you when your main pump fails and automatically activate the battery backup system so your basement does not flood.

    5 – Test Systems

    The final step is to test your Zoeller pump to ensure everything is working correctly. Use a few buckets of water to stimulate a flood and raise the float switch which should activate the pump and drain the water. A few gallons of water should be enough to raise the sump switch.

    Make sure to test your submersible pump with water and do not ‘dry run’ the pump or you may burn out the motor.

    Zoeller pumps are made of cast iron, stainless steel parts, and a clog resistant pump intake so they are easy to install highly reliable so you are unlikely to experience sump failure!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you install a Zoeller sump pump?

    Zoeller sump pump models can be installed by placing them at the bottom of the pit, attaching the sump pump switch and drain lines.

    Can I install my own sump pump?

    You can install your own sump pump in about 30 minutes or you can call our team of sump pump installation experts at 888-831-2879.

    Where do you drill a weep hole on a Zoeller sump pump?

    The weep hole on a Zoeller pump should be installed a few inches above the water line to avoid sump pump burnout.

    Need Sump Pump Help? Call (888) 831-2879

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