French Drain Around Pool Guide

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    We’re going to show you how to build a french drain around your pool. This is a great way for you to have more peace of mind that the water from your backyard will not flood into your house, and it can help prevent basement flooding too! A french drain is a trench filled with gravel or sand which directs water away from buildings and other structures.

    If you have a pool in your backyard, then chances are that you also have a french drain around it. The french drain is an important tool to keep water from collecting around the pool and causing damage to the foundation of your home. In this blog post, we will discuss how to build one yourself!

    What is a french drain around the pool?

    French drains are perforated pipes inside gravel that surround the pool in order to add extra drainage and prevent water damage to your home during flooding.

    In most cases the french drains will be installed when the pool is built and integrated with the backyard landscaping! If your backyard as a deck it is also a good idea to add a pool deck drain that links with the nearby drainage system so water does not flood your deck when it rains and standing water does not attract mosquitos.

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    Why do you need a french drain system

    There are a few main reasons to install a french drain system near a in ground or above ground pool.

    First, they offer drainage that is not dependent on a power supply like a sump pump.

    Second, french drains can be routed around an in ground pool to add additional drainage in high flood areas.

    Third, the only drain pipe that is required is a perforated pipe that is buried in a few inches of gravel.

    How to install a french drain around your pool

    1. Plan and measure the drainage trench

    2. Check for buried gas or water lines

    3. Dig the trench

    4. Lay gravel, landscape fabric and perforated piping

    5. Bury the drainage pipe

    Benefits of installing a french drain near your pool

    There are many benefits to a backyard french drain system. The main benefit is that french drains allow you to have peace of mind knowing that your pool will not flood.

    A french drain system works by diverting water around your yard when there has been excess rainfall. This is important because it does not take much water to overflow your pool and start to flood your patio and eventually the inside of your home.

    Another benefit is french drain systems are affordable and easy to install, so it can be done by yourself or with friends! All you need to install a french drain is a few shovels, perforated pipe and gravel.

    Cost of installation

    French drains are cheap to install – especially if you dig the drainage trench yourself.

    The french drain system will typically cost around $150 depending on the size of your pool. It may cost more if you hire a professional company or need to run extra long drainage lines.

    Disadvantages of not having a pool french drain

    Many people are surprised to hear that there are risks to not installing a exterior french drain around your pool. Pool water can overflow during heavy rains and it is important to have a yard drainage system that can handle a large influx of water without the need of a water pump. A perimeter drain can solve these problems by preventing standing surface water on the deck around your pool.

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