Fluidmaster vs Korky

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    Trying to decide between a Fluidmaster and Korky Toilet Replacement Valves? Our team did the research to find out which valve is the best choice for your home in 2023! Both brands make good replacement valves – keep reading to find out which we recommend for your bathroom!

    Let’s start by taking a close look at the Korky 528 and the Fluidmaster 400AH side by side.

    Both of these toilet replacement valves are good choices – but one may be a better fit for your home!

    Tired of Noisy Valves?

    Both Korky and Fluidmaster are good choices for broken valves - but the Fluidmaster makes less noise!

    Fluidmaster vs Korky Compared

    Fluidmaster AH400 Information

    Fluidmaster 400AH
    • Almost totally silent
    • Replaces 10″ to 15″ valves
    • 7 year warranty

    Korky 528 Information

    Korky 528MP
    • Works on 2 and 1 piece toilets
    • Replaces 7.75″ to 13.5″ valves
    • Easy to install replacement kit

    Key Differences

    Both of these replacement valves have many similarities but a few important differences that set them apart. Some of the most important things to consider when choosing between these two models are the size, noise level and price.

    Both the Korky 528 and the Fluidmaster 400AH are adjustable but they fit slightly different sizes. The Korky toilet valve adjusts from 7 3/4″ to 13 1/2″ while the Fluidmaster valve can be adjusted from 10″ to 15″. Both models will fit an average size toilet but the Korky model is a little better for smaller models while the Fluidmaster has the advantage for larger ones.

    Noise Level
    Noise level is important when choosing a replacement valve – no one wants to be awake all night listening to the toilet! Both models are quiet by design but Fluidmaster valves tend to make less noise than other alternative.

    Cost is always going to be on of the most important factors for most consumers. Toilet valve replacement kits like the AH400 and Korky 528 costs less than $15, but Fluidmaster does tend to cost a little more.

    How to Choose

    Choosing between these two toilet valve replacement kids can’t be tough. They offer a similar amount of features and cost about the same amount of money. Before you make your final decision we recommend measuring to make sure you get the right size then considering how important a silent valve is. The AH 400 is almost totally silent but it does cost extra money.

    Our Final Say

    If you are still not sure which model to go with we recommend choosing a Fluidmaster valve like the AH400. While models from both companies are very similar Fluidmaster has slightly better features and only costs a little extra.

    Which is Better: Fluidmaster or Korky?

    Both are similar but Korky is a better buy for your money.

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