Fire Hydrant Backflow Preventer Guide

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    Looking for information about a fire hydrant backflow preventer? In this article our team will teach everything you need to know – keep reading to learn more about the best valves of 2021, important features, and functionally plus the best places to buy a new valve for your hydrant to protect your water supply!

    What is a fire hydrant backflow preventer?

    Backflow preventers attached to fire hydrants are used to protect potable water lines from contamination from reverse flow which can be a potential health hazard. These one way valves keep water from reentering the city water system after exiting the hydrant or other fire protection system.

    A backflow prevention device will keep contaminated water from reentering the water lines.

    Pump Recommended for:

    Zurn 34-975XL2TCUReliable pick for most basementsSee Pricing
    Wilkins 34-975XL Backflow PreventerDiscount pickSee Pricing

    Top Picks

    Zurn 34

    Zurn 34-975XL2TCU

    Our top pick for hydrants is the Zurn 34-975XL2TCU. This valve is made of bronze and stainless steel – plus it can handle up to 250 GPM so it is a good choice for fire protection system.

    Wilkins 34

    Wilkins 34-975XL Backflow Preventer

    The Wilkins 34-975XL is a good choice for fire hydrant backflow protection. It is well built with corrosion-resistant internal parts – plus it is affordable on most budgets and it is made by Wilkins – one of the top plumbing part companies.

    Where to Buy

    You can buy a new valve you can one locally from a home improvement store, online from Amazon, or directly from a manufacturer online. Buying locally is convenient because you can install the new part on the same day. Ordering online does have a few advantages – it is easier to compare models and you can shop around for the best price.

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    Top Features and Functionality

    When shopping for a new backflow preventer there are a few key features to be aware of before making a final decision. First – check the quality of the outer build. These valves are under lots of pressure and should be solid bronze, brass and steel construction to prevent leaks. Stainless steel internal parts are key to

    Another essential part to check is the ball valves. These backflow valves allow water to pass one way – and keep water from flowing in the reverse direction in the water main and contaminating the public water supply. They are also adjustable so they can be opened and closed as part of the backflow prevention assembly.


    What is a fire hydrant backflow preventer?

    A fire hydrant backflow valve keeps water from flowing backwards into the potable water supply after passing the existing hydrant meter hookup.

    Are fire hydrant backflow preventers required?

    These valves are required in almost every area of the country and are usually installed when the hydrant meter is installed. Sometimes check valves may be used if the water supply line is attached to non-drinking water

    Does a valve impact flow in case they are used?

    If the backflow device is installed correctly there should be no decrease in flow rate or water service.

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