Backflow Testing Prices and Cost Guide

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    backflow testing cost

    Are you a homeowner looking for more information about backflow testing cost? We did the research and put together the most comprehensive guide to backflow preventer testing costs on the internet.

    Read to ensure you get a good deal on your backflow test on the valve protecting your drinking water.

    Backflow Testing Average Cost

    There is no one ‘price’ for backflow tests in the United States. Certified professionals will charge more than uncertified plumbers – but they may not be able to file important city certifications or make repairs.

    Most home backflow testing costs between $150 to $250 dollars. Use our table below for more pricing information for your home

    Low Cost$75 to $150
    Average Cost$150 to $250
    High Cost$250 to $500
    Commercial Costs$350 or more

    Factors that Impact Backflow Testing Cost

    There are a number of factors that can make the total cost of backflow testing go up or down. The most common things to keep an eye out for and talk to your plumber about are:

    • Retesting failed units after backflow device repairs: Performing additional testing after making repairs to valves that fail initial testing can result in additional costs.
    • Additional cleaning charges due to mud or flood water: If the plumbers have to dig to get to the valve, they will likely charge you hourly.
    • City fees and certifications: Some cities and water purveyors require positive and negative tests, which can cause additional costs. Most areas require any backwater valve attached to a potable water supply to be inspected annually by a certified backflow tester.

    What do we Test?

    Each tester will have slightly different testing methods. There are a few different things to look for depending on whether the backflow valve is attached to a sprinkler system, irrigation system, water supply, or other potable water lines. The main things that you should test are:

    • Check if the installation of the inspected valves and water lines to ensure everything is correct and up to code
    • One way water flow in the backflow prevention assembly to prevent contaminated water
    • No leaks or corrosion in the backflow preventer installation
    • File relevant testing reports with city officials and the public water system or water supplier

    DIY vs Hiring a Professional Plumber for Inspection

    In some cities, you can do an annual test at home. But in other cases (like commercial buildings with a drinking water system), you may need to hire a certified backflow assembly tester for a yearly inspection to look for contamination.

    Testing the valve at home with your backflow inspection kit will save money. But we think hiring a certified tester to ensure you have clean water is worth it. Most plumbers will charge between $75 to $150 per hour to test your backflow prevention device. This is a good deal for keeping your water supply safe!

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