Campbell Check Valve vs Zoeller 30-0181

A good check valve like the Cambell or Zoeller 30-0181 are an important part of your sump system – without one water will flow back into your pit as the pump pushes it out the drain lines. One common question we get is which is the better pick the Cambell CLR1.5 Check Valve or the Zoeller 30-0181. Our team of experts put both check valves to the test in a head to head competition to see which is best!

Both of these check valves work on similar systems, have the same features and build quality and cost about the same amount of money so it can be hard to choose between the two valves.

Campbell Check Valve and Zoeller 30-0181 Compared

Key Differences

These two models may look similar at first glance but there are a few important differences to be aware of before you buy. First, the Zoeller model can handle slightly higher water temperatures which may be important in some cases like installing on a hot water units – in other cases like on a sump pump it may not be important.

Another important difference that can help you pick between the check valves is the amount of noise. No check valve is totally silent but cheaper models tend to have problems with ‘water hammering’ that can cause quite a racket in your pipes. Both the Zoeller and Campbell check valves are almost totally silent but the Campbell makes less noise so it might be a better pick if noise is a concern.

The third difference to be aware of is how it attaches on to the pipes. The Zoeller unit attaches with two tightened clamps on both the intake and outtake valve. The Campbell model on the other hand attaches with a single tightened valve on both sides. While both are unlikely to leak when installed correctly the Zoeller tends to be more reliable due to the extra clamps.

Campbell Check Valve Overview

Campbell B00JFF205Y
  • Almost totally silent
  • Made of clear PVC
  • Slip and Slip attachments
  • Fits 1.5″ piping

The Campbell Check Valve is popular choice because it is one of the most silent check valves on the market – and affordable on almost every budget. It attaches to 1.5″ NPT drain lines with slip and slip attachments on both sides. It is made mostly of plastic with a few steel pieces on the inside and can be installed in about 10 minutes.

Zoeller Check Valve Overview

Zoeller 30-0181
  • Dual slip x slip attachment clamps on both ends
  • Installs vertically or horizontally
  • Designed to minimize water hammering
  • Fits 1.5″ drain lines

The Zoeller 30-0181 is mostly made of steel while the Campbell is mostly made of PVC plastic. This means that this model is a little more durable – plus it can attach tighter since it has two slip x slip clamps instead of just one. One disadvantage this model has it that is makes a little more noise even though it is still designed to minimize water hammering.

Our Final Say

Both of these check valves are good choices. We recommend buying the Zoeller model if you want a valve that will last longer and the Campbell if you are concerned about noise and water hammering in the piping.

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