3 Inch Check Valve Guide – Our Tops Picks & Buyers Guide

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    Shopping for a new 3 inch check valve and not sure which one is the right choice. Check valves may be small but they play an important part in any drainage system – that is why it is so important to find the right one! Since there are so many similar valves on the market today we reviewed the top valves like the Valterra 200-30, the Dixon SWCV300 and the Libra Supply Brass Check Valve to which is the best choice in 2024.

    Keep reading to find out our picks for the top rated 3″ check valves!

    Top 3 Inch Check Valves of 2024

    Valterra 200-30 3″ Check Valve


    The Valterra 200-30 is a check valve that is made of Schedule 40 PVC – which means it is tough enough to withstand PSI up to 150 and has an EPDM resistant seal! Ideal choice for ponds, sewers, pools, and septic lines.


    • Fits 3″ connections
    • Powerful 1/2 lb spring
    • Interior uses a ball cone valve to prevent back flow


    • Female at both ends means it is not going to fit all lines

    Dixon SWCV300


    The Dixon SWCV300 is a solid brass swing check valve that is designed to be used horizontally. It works in temperatures as low as -20 degrees and as high as 150 degrees and up to 200 PSI – making it a good choice for industrial and commercial use!


    • Top-rated horizontal check valve
    • Works in almost any temperature and PSI
    • The swing check valve prevents 100% of backflow
    • Brass body and disc provide a long working life


    • Female at both ends means it is not going to fit all lines

    Libra Supply 3″ Brass Spring Check Valve


    The Libra Supply 3″ Check Valve can be installed horizontally or vertically – which makes it one of the most flexible choices on the market. It uses a spring-powered disk to prevent backflow and is lead-free.


    • IPS threaded – 200 WOG
    • Uses internal spring valve
    • Guaranteed to prevent back in residential and commercial use


    • None

    Zoeller Silent PVC Full Flow 3″ Check Valve

    Zoeller Silent Check Valve

    Zoeller is one of the top brands in plumbing – and the Silent PVC 3″ Check Valve is a great choice for homeowners that need a 3″ valve. The body is made of PVC and the inside uses a rubber seal and it is attached via a solvent weld.


    • Made by Zoeller – one of the top brands in the industry
    • Made of PVC – so it is lighter than metal valves
    • Can be used vertically or horizontally


    • Can’t take as high of pressure as brass check valves

    Hayward TC1300SE 3″ Check Valve


    The Hayward TC1300SE 3″ is a high end PVC check valve that has EPDM seals plus socket end connections. It fits 3″ lines and is made of super heavy wall plastic – plus it meets ASTM and NSF standards.


    • Easy to install with true union design
    • Super high-quality build can withstand high temperature and PSI
    • Uses ball and seal design on the interior of the valve


    • More expensive than other value options

    Canplas 3″ 123283 ABS Backwater Valve


    The Canplas 3″ Backwater Valve is a 3″ backwater valve made of ABS plastic that prevents backflow in storm sewers, septic systems, and other ‘heavy flow’ piping. It uses a heavy-duty Neoprene “O” ring to keep a positive seal


    • ABS plastic does not corrode, erode, or rust – giving it a long lifespan
    • Neoprene “O” ring provides watertight seal
    • Flapper valve allows water out – but not back in to protect pumps and drains from backflow


    • Not designed for low flow systems

    Aquascape 3″ Check Valve


    The Aquascape 3″ Check Valve is the best 3″ check valve for ponds and other outdoor water features. The specially designed collar makes it easy to connect and disconnect to the current drain lines – and the ABS plastic means it will last for many years.


    • Our top pick for outdoor systems
    • Able to withstand high pressure and freezing conditions


    • Not spring loaded which may cause leaking

    DuraChoice 3″

    DuraChoice 3" Check Valve

    The DuraChoice 3″ is a vertical, brass check valve that uses an inline spring to keep water from flowing back up the pipe.

    3″ Check Valve Buyers Guide

    Not sure which 3″ check valve is the best choice for your system? Here are the most important factors and features to consider so you get the right valve the first time!

    • Size – First, check the size of the check valve you need. If you found this page, you most likely need a 3″ valve but it is always a good idea to measure before you buy!
    • Build Material – The two most common build materials for 3″ check valves in Brass and ABS plastic. Brass is slightly more expensive, but is more durable and will last almost forever! ABS plastic on the other hand is still highly durable and works better in sub situations like extreme cold.
    • PSI – Another important factor to consider is the max PSI the valve will face. Brass valves can withstand a higher PSI, while plastic is better for low-pressure use cases. Installing a low-pressure valve in a high-pressure situation can lead to disaster and water damage!
    • Temperature – Always be sure to consider the average temperature your valve will be installed. Check valves are often subjected to extreme cold and hot situations. If you plan to use your valve outdoors or on a heating system make sure the valve is equipped for extreme cold and heat above 100 degrees!
    • Horizontal or Vertical Installation- Check valves can be installed horizontally or vertically, but not all models work installed in both directions. Double-check your drain set up as well as how to install the valve before you order.

    Our Final Say

    There are many good choices, we tend to recommend the Zoeller and the Valterra 200-30 3″ Check Valve. Both are good buys for the money and will work for many years without problems!

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