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wayne eeaup250 1/4 hp automatic on/off electric water removal pump

Need a new sump pump for your basement? Considering the Wayne EEAUP250 1/4 hp automatic on/off electric water removal pump. We reviewed the pump to see if it is a good option for protecting your home from flooding. Keep reading the rest of the article to learn if this sump pump is best for your basement.

We recommend this pump for homes that receive a medium amount of sump water. The EEAUP250 is powered by a 1/4 HP motor and can drain 1850 gallons of water per hour at 10′ head. The body is made of thermoplastic and can clear water down to 3/8″ in your pit. It is activated by an internal float switch and is a good choice for homeowners that want a low maintenance pump that needs little ongoing care.

Model Specifications

wayne eeaup250 1/4 hp automatic on/off electric water removal pump

This electric water removal pump weighs a little over 9 pound. It is small enough to fit in tight spaces like crawl spaces but still is powerful enough to have a high flow rate. \


  • Max flow rate of 300 GPH
  • Water tight thermoplastic body
  • Comes with garden hose adapter
  • Activated by iSwitch technology


  • 1/4 HP motor is not as powerful as other pumps

The EEAUP250 Water Pump is powered by a 100 volt motor that attaches to the wall with an 8 foot cord.

Pump Information

  • Powered by 100 volt motor and 8′ cord
  • 1/4 HP motor inside sealed thermoplastic shell
  • Weights 9.3 pounds
  • Automatic On/Off with iSwitch technology
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Works with most basin sizes 


The Wayne EEAUP250 automatic on/off electric water removal pump is powered by a 1/4 HP pump, which is average for basement sump pumps. We like this motor for basements that receive an average to above-average amount of sump water—anything more, and you may need to upgrade to a more powerful unit for more water flow.

The insides are protected by a tough, watertight thermoplastic shell and the motor can be activated automatically so you can set it not worry about it until it is time for monthly maintenance.

Float Switch

This Wayne sump pump is activated and controlled with iSwitch technology. This high tech water detection system automatically activates the motor as your basin starts to fill, then turns it off again when the water has drained. A sump pump is only as good as the float and this is one of the most reliable on the market.

EEAUP250 Advantages

The EEAUP250 is a good choice for home owners that are shopping for a set and forget sump pump. This unit is highly dependable and has a high flow rate so it can handle heavy water flow during big seasonal storms. Another good thing about this pump is that it is small and light enough to move around your property to gardens, window wells, driveways and other areas that are prone to flooding

Wayne EEAUP250 vs WaterBug

The EEAUP250 and WaterBug are both high quality pumps but there are a few key differences. The Wayne pump has a 1/4 HP pump while the WaterBug only has a 1/6 HP pump. The bigger motor means the EEAUP has almost a 3x higher flow rate than the WaterBug which lets it remove water quicker. Another advantage is that the Wayne pump is automatic while the WaterBug requires supervision.

Owner Feedback

Our team did some research to see what consumers think about this pump. Reviews across the web are very good and most people keep their pump for at least 5 years. Whenever we found reports of ‘lemons’ but the Wayne Customer Service team was always ready to help.

Why Should You Purchase the EEAUP250

wayne eeaup250 1/4 hp automatic on/off electric water removal pump

Still unsure if this is the right pump for your home? We like to remind home owners that one of the most common, and expensive, repairs is basement flooding. It is worth it to spend a little extra on your sump to prevent future problems and this pump is a great choice. The only problem we have found is that it does not have extra features like a backup pump or alarm. 

Our Final Say

This Wayne pump is powerful and reliable. The 1/4 HP motor is enough juice to keep your pit dry without burning out the motor. Our Wayne EEAUP250 review found many good features that make this submersible pump one of the top picks on the market.​

Consider the Wayne EEAUP250 1/4 HP automatic on/off electric water removal pump for your home. Check our honest review and see why its the best!

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