Watts vs Wilkins Backflow Preventers

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    Looking for a backflow preventer valve and not sure which to pick between Watts and Wilkins backflow preventers? Both make some of the best valves on the market which mean it can be difficult to choose between the two when looking for a new backflow device.

    Our team of experts reviewed the top valves from both companies to help you pick the best choice to meet plumbing codes and protect your water supply.

    Watts or Wilkins (Zurn)?

    Watts and Wilkins all make very similar backflow preventers that have almost the same build quality, features, and price point. Add in the fact that many homeowners only buy one valve in their entire life and things get even more confusing. The key to making the right choice is to set your price range and look for a valve that has the correct sizing and additional features you need for backflow prevention.

    Watts Advantages

    Watts makes a wide range of backflow preventers that work on water lines, sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, and other water lines to prevent backflow contamination incidents. They come with a number of features and fit almost any size line.

    Watts backflow valve
    What We Like
    Easy single access cover for installation and maintenance
    Bronze body
    Compact design
    Top pick under $250

    Our pick for the best Watts backflow valve is the Watts 009M3 Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly Valve. This RPZ preventer fits 3/4″ drain line (which means it is a good choice for most homes) – plus maintenance is easy thanks to a single access cover.

    The valve itself measures 10.75″ of solid bronze with a ball valve for backflow prevention.

    Wilkins Advantages

    Wilkins is the other ‘name brand’ in-home backflow preventers. This line of reverse pressure vacuum breakers and backflow prevention assembly are a great choice for homeowners looking for a valve that unlikely to need repair anytime soon!

    Wilkins 975
    What We Like
    Nickel-plated body
    Top pick under $275
    Good choice for cold environments
    Corrosion-resistant interior

    Our pick for the best Wilkins backflow valve is the Wilkins 975XL RPZ backflow preventer. This valve fits 3/4″ lines and has a nickel-plated ball valve to prevent backflow. Like other Zurn Wilkins valves this model has silicone rubber disks and is a good choice for home sewer lines.

    One advantage of this valve that it is a reduced pressure zone valve – and that means it is highly dependable in preventing leaks and backflow!

    How to pick

    Still not sure which brand or model or model is the best pick for your home? Try to answer each of these questions to help you choose:

    • What size lines: Always start by checking your water lines and making sure you get a valve that fits!
    • Price: Both brands have models at similar price points, but there are deals and discounts from time to time to be sure to shop for the best price – in some cases, you can see up to $50.
    • Dimension: Wilkins and Watts make valves of different sizes. Make sure to measure the dimensions of the area you plan to install the valve so it is not too big.
    • Additional features: Extra features like a strainer for extra protection or an alarm system will add to the total cost but can be worth it to protect a potable water supply.
    • Check required functionality: If the valve is attached to an irrigation system you may be able to install a check valve instead

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