How to Fix Water Coming Out of the Ground in Your Yard

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    When water is coming out of the ground in your yard it is a sign there is a problem! In most cases there are a few common causes of wet spots and sewage leaks in your front or back yard. In this article we will show you how to find the cause of the standing water and fix the plumbing problem in the sewer line under the grass!

    Excess water, leaks and other sewer line problem can be a serious plumbing problem that can cause a large water bill, a wet yard, and possibly foundation or septic system problems from the drainage problems.

    5 Signs of Yard Leaks

    Standing water – One of the most obvious signs of a yard water line leak is standing water in the grass. If it has not rained in the past few days and there is no other obvious source of water (like a neighbor draining their pool) the problem might be a broken underground drainage line.

    To check, walk around your property and look for any places where water is pooled on the surface.

    Growth – Another common sign of a leak as green grass that is growing faster than the rest of the yard. The extra growth is due to a leak – possibly from a sprinkler head, drainfield, septic tank or sewer line.

    Wet spots that won’t dry – If you have noticed wet spots in your yard that never seem to fully dry out, this could be another sign of an underground water leak. To test a waterlogged lawn stick a screwdriver or small garden tool into the ground at the edge of the wet spot. If the soil is damp several inches below the surface, you may have a water leak.

    Smell – Yard water leaks tend to smell, especially if they are connected to the sewer or septic drainage lines. Over time the leaking pipe will pool surface water and cause a stink, as well as a potential health hazard on your wet lawn.

    Listen for Running Water – If the leak is bad enough you may be able to hear water spraying out of the pipes. A sewer line leak will cause a slight hissing sound – especially on bad leaks that cause low water pressure in the drainage system.

    If you hear water but can’t see it, there may be an underground water line break.

    Feel and Search – If you think there is a yard leak try to feel the soil for wet spots. You should be able to push down on the grass and see if excess water pushes up from the soil.

    Feeling moisture in the ground is a good way to check for leaks near the sprinkler heads, septic tank or water main. You can also use a water hose to test for leaks in the sewer line – simply turn on the water and wait to see if water seepage pops up through the grass.

    Common Causes of Water Coming Out of Ground in Yard

    When water is pooling in your yard there are a few common causes that we recommend checking right away. Most of the time the drainage problem is caused by one of the following:

    – Broken water main: A broken water main is the most likely cause if there are large puddles of water. If this line is broken it will need to be dug up and repaired or replaced

    – Leaking sprinkler head: A leaking sprinkler head or leaking sprinkler system can cause a surprisingly large leak for such a small piece of equipment.

    – Broken water line: Other broken water and drainage lines can leak underground and eventually pool in the soil.

    – Malfunctioning sump pump: Broken sump pumps can cause a flood insider your home, or leak outside.

    – Clogged drain lines: Clogged drain lines can backup water into your home or break the water line, causing a leak. Clay soil tends to have more problems.

    – Downspouts and Runoff: Gutters, downspouts, a retaining wall problem or other drainage issues can all cause pooling in the yard. Check there is no damage to the gutters and the downspouts still point the water runoff in the right area.

    How to Fix Yard Sewer Leaks

    The best way to fix sewer leaks that are flooding your yard is to dig down to the line and fix the drainage issue. From time to time a drainage pipe can start to leak – or completely break – and need to be repaired.

    Septic Line Leaks

    If your septic line is leaking you want to make sure to fix the problem right away. Septic water is not clean and you don’t want your dogs and kids playing in dirty water!

    Sewer and septic line leaks can cause water to pool on the surface of your yard, as well as creating smelly odors. These leaks can also be dangerous to your health, so it’s important to act fast and get them fixed as soon as possible.

    Wet Spots in Yard That Won’t Dry

    If you have a wet spot in your yard that won’t dry and are 100% sure there is no leak there a few extra steps you can take to add extra drainage. We recommend adding in-ground irrigation like french drains, a curtain drain, or additional downspouts away from flooded areas to improve drainage.

    Sometimes the problem is that you have a high water table and no irrigation system will be able to fully drain the water!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is there water coming out of the ground?

    The two most common causes of water coming out of the ground are broken sewer lines and inadequate yard drainage.

    How do you know if you have a water leak underground?

    If you have an underground leak your monthly water bill will be very high and you might be able to find a wet spot in the yard.

    How do you fix an underground water leak?

    Underground water leaks can sometimes be repaired without digging up the drainage pipe but in other cases they can be repaired underground.

    How do you find a water leak underground outside?

    Follow the path of the pipe and feel the ground for excess water and try to listen for the ‘hiss’ of a water leak

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