Why is Your Sump Pump Full of Water?

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    If your sump pump is full of water there might be something wrong with your sump pump, float switch of sump basin – but it could also be working as intended! In this article we will teach you everything you need to know about having a sump put or pump full of water.

    We will teach you everything that might be wrong when your sump is full of water – and when everything is working as intended.

    why is your sump pump full of water?

    6 Things Wrong When Your Sump Pump is Full of Water

    1. A Clogged Drain Line or Burst Pipe

    A clogged, broken, or burst pipe is one of the most common causes of a full sump pit. As groundwater begins to pool, it has nowhere to drain and will eventually cause a flood in your basement.

    If you notice a sump pump running with a full pit and the water level is still rising, call a plumber and check for a clog immediately to prevent damage to your basement floor.

    2. Burnt Out Sump Pump Motor

    A burnout sump pump motor is another common cause of an entire basin and flooding. Sump pumps have potent engines, but after a few years, the pump motor may burn out and cause the pit to fill with water.

    Another common cause of a burnt-out motor is a jammed impeller. Sump pump clogs are caused by gravel or other small particles blocking the impeller, causing a jam and eventually causing the engine to burn out.

    3. Faulty Float Switch

    The float switch activates the sump pump as the water level rises. If the float switch is stuck, the pump motor will not start, and the basin will stay full of water.

    4. Malfunctioning Check Valve

    If the check valve is ruined, water will enter the pipe, but a blockage will keep it in the piping. Eventually, the pipe will burst, but the excess water is not going down, causing a flooded basement.

    5. Electrical Problems

    Electrical problems are another common cause of a sump full of water. If the pump does not have an electrical connection, backup battery, or water powered pump could cause the rising water.

    We recommend using a bucket of water and testing the sump system to see if it activates. If the pump does not turn out the problem may be with your power connection – try running an extension cord from another power outlet and see if the pump activates.

    6. Rise in Water Table

    A sump pump pit full of water might be caused by a rise in the water table around your home. This is more common in houses near a river or lake but can happen anywhere there is a lot of groundwater.

    A good submersible sump pump should solve the problem and drain all of the water out the drain pipe without a problem. We recommended monitoring the average amount of water in your basin to see if your primary sump pump is working correctly before excess water and basement flooding causes thousands of dollars in repair bills.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is my sump pump full of water?

    There are a number of reasons your sump pump may be full of water, the most common reasons are sump pump failure and clogged drain lines.

    What do you do when your sump pump is full?

    If your sump pump pit is full of water check the motor and rain lines. We also recommend installing a battery backup sump pump in case your main one fails.

    Should there be water in the sump pump?

    Most basins will have a small amount of water in the bottom of the pit.

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