Sump Pump Flow & Discharge Rates

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    In order to prevent basement flooding you need to use the right size sump pump. Most sump pumps advertise horse power but this can be confusing. What you really need to know is your sump pump flow (discharge) rate to get the right pump!

    Not sure what the flow rate of your sump pump. Not many people know their pumps discharge rate – or how to calculate it! Fortunately all you need to calculate flow rate is a tape measure, a timer and a bucket of water.

    Keep reading to learn more about sump pump discharge rates:

    How to Measure Flow Rate

    Ready to get started measuring your sump pump flow rate. Most instruction manuals have flow rate tables but if you lost the papers follow these step by step instructions. 

    Start by determining the amount of water entering the pit every minute. Second, measure how high you need to move the water (aka the head height). Once you know all the numbers it is easy to pick the right size pump – remember higher flow rates mean more horse power.

    How to Increase Sump Pump Flow Rate

    Does your pump look like it is struggling to clear the water in the pit – you might need to increase the flow rate. Your pump probably advertised a maximum flow rate, but that does not mean it is currently operating at peak efficiency.

    • Reduce needed lift. The higher your pump has to pump water the harder it has to work and the less water is can clear. Install drainage pipes that are closer to the water source.
    • Install a filter. Some basins fill with dirt and other debris. Make sure your pump has a filter – and it get cleaned on a regular basis
    • Get a larger pump. Some pumps are too small for their pit. Water table changes, new construction and additional rainfall can all cause your home (or crawl space) to need a pump with more horse power.

    Flow Rate Formula

    Want to calculate your pump capacity. Use this formula – 

    Inches of Water x 60 Minutes x 1.5 = Gallons per Hour

    Pump Flow Rate Table

    Pit DiameterGallons of Water

    Zoeller Sump Pump Flow Rate

    Zoeller makes some of our favorite pumps on the market. We did the research and put together everything you need to know about their flow and discharge rates! Use the chart below to help decide which pump is right for your home based on water flow.

    PumpMotorMax HeadMax Flow Rate
    50 Series3/10 HP19.25' (5.9 m)43 GPM (163 LPM)
    Model 633/10 HP 19.25' (5.9 m)43 GPM (163 LPM)
    Model 723/10 HP 18' (5.5 m)38 GPM (144 LPM)
    Model 731/3 HP 18' (5.5 m)38 GPM (144 LPM)
    Model 751/2 HP25' (7.6 m)50 GPM (189 LPM)
    Model 761/2 HP25' (7.6 m)50 GPM (189 LPM)
    Model 951/2 HP26' (7.9 m)80 GPM (303 LPM)
    Model 981/2 HP23' (7 m)72 GPM (273 LPM)

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