PumpSpy Smart Outlet Review

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Not every sump pump comes with built-in WIFI functionality and this can be a problem if your pump dies during a flood. Installing an alarm like the PumpSpy PSO1000 Smart Outlet is a quick and cost-effective way to add a pump alarm without buying an expensive new system. We reviewed this WIFI enabled smart outlet to see if it is a good pick to power your pump. Keep reading to learn more in our Pumpspy review.

Choosing the right sump pump smart outlet to monitor your pump can be confusing. Not every alarm works with every pump and they are expensive so you do not want to pick the wrong model. Fortunately, the PumpSpy works independently of your sump pump so it works with any pump!

OutletKey FactsPricing
PumpSpy PSO1000 Smart OutletEasy to install and provides free monitoring for power outagesSee Pricing
PumpSpy PSO 1000


  • Works with any pump
  • Price includes free monitoring
  • Alarm alerts via text, email and Android or Apple app
  • Does not require installing additional equipment

Homeowners with basements know how important sump pumps are to prevent flooding. This outlet alarm is a good choice if your current pump system does not have a built in alarm system. This WiFi alarm replaces your current power outlet and converts it into a high water sensing alarm. The alarm connects to the PumpSpy network to provide you alerts and warnings via text, email and phone notifications.

The warning system works 24/7, when the high water sensors detect water or a power outage the alarm sends you a message that something is wrong. If the PumpSpy system does not receive any info from your outlet in 2 minutes it will trigger an alert that power is out. You can also check how your pump is working you can use the Android or iOS app the view stats like run time, number of cycles, last downtime and total run time.


  • Easy to install on any pump
  • Includes high water sensor to detect flooding
  • Sends alerts to multiple phones
  • Easy to install 2 or more outlets in same home


  • Some reports of lemons that do not connect to the internet
  • Alarm only – no backup pump

One of the main reasons we like to use this alarm is because it is installed independent from the main and back up pump so so it almost never fails – and can be installed without having to take apart your basement pump system. All you need to do is place the Pumpspy over the current outlet and hook it up to the alert system.

Installation Guide

Installing the PSO1000 is easy. All you have to do is switch your current outlet powering your primary pump and backup pump with the new outlet. Changing outlets might seem difficult but all you need to do is turn off the power at the fuse box, disconnect the screws and power cords then attach the new alarm. After installing the outlet plug in the sump pump and connect the outlet to the internet and run a few test to make sure it is working correctly.

Troubleshooting Guide

The Pumpspy is here to ensure the water level stays low and bring you peace of mind in case your main or backup sump pump fail. From time to time the Pumpspy will require some troubleshooting and testing. We recommend testing the outlet at least twice a year so you know the power lines and monitoring service are still connected.

Our Final Say

This Smart Outlet from PumpSpy is a good choice if you are looking for an easy to install alarm with multiple alert channels for your sump pump system. It is very dependable and can be installed in a matter of minutes, plus is provides useful information on how the pump is running but it is important to remember this is only an alarm and not a back up pump. Upgrade your sump system today by converting your old ‘dump’ pump into a WiFi enabled smart pump.

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