How Long Does a Sump Pump Battery Last?

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    Everyone has had to deal with a flooded basement or crawlspace at some point in their life. The main culprits in basement flooding are sump pump batteries dying.

    Sump pump batteries provide additional protection in case of prolonged power outages, preventing costly structural damage and mold growth. Unfortunately, they only last for a limited amount of time while powering a sump pump and go wrong and need replacing occasionally.

    How Long Does a Sump Pump Battery Last on a Single Charge

    A few factors determine how long the battery will last before recharging it. The four main factors to be aware of are the horsepower, how often it turns on and off, how many sump pumps you have connected to the battery, and how much charge the battery holds.

    Horsepower – Smaller pumps use less power than larger pumps, so the higher the pump horsepower, the more power it will take from your sump pump battery.

    Number of sump pumps – Most homes only have one main sump pump. If you have more than one pump hooked up to the battery, it will take power much faster than a single pump.

    How often the pump activates – How long the battery backup system lasts will be affected by how usually your sump pump starts. If you turn it on and off more often, it will use up more power than if it stayed on for a more extended period.

    Charge of battery – If you have a weak or undercharged battery, your sump pump will use much more power, meaning that your battery runs dry in less time and needs recharging more often. Older batteries tend to hold less charge than new units.

    So how long does it last?

    Your battery lasts depending on how often you use the sump pump, how many hours per day you use it, how much water pump out of the pit, and the head height.

    Less Charge with Older Batteries

    The batteries in sump pumps tend to decrease their power output as they age. So, even if the manufacturer says your battery is suitable for a certain number of cycles, you may need to replace it before then or risk running out of power and ruining everything.

    How Long Does a Sump Pump Battery Last Before Replacing

    If you select a battery with double the power of your pump, replacing it will take around 14-16 hours. If there’s an extended power outage and you need to keep pumping, it will last on a single charge and may only get you through half the night, so that you may need a backup or a water-powered sump pump.

    Sump Pump Battery Replacement Timeline

    New batteries will store around 2-3 years’ worth of power. Replacing it about two to three years after it’s installed; there should never be an interruption in your home or business.

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    How long does a sump pump last?

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