Help! My Sump Pump is Spraying Water

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    Your basement sump pump should never be spraying water. After all, the entire purpose of a sump pump is to make sure no water or moisture enters your basement. If your sump pump is spraying water, then this might be a sign of the following problems.

    Lets check out 6 reasons why your pump might be spraying water, bottom or top – as well as how to prevent it from happening in the future! Most of the time you will be able to repair the pump but in some cases, you may need to buy a new sump pump.

    1. Leaky Seal to Discharge Pipe

    The seals that connect the pump to the discharge pipe or lines can become loose over time due to simple use, pressure changes, seismic activity, or other disturbances. Renewing the seals can stop the leak which means your sump pump is spraying water.

    It is most important to check every connection as the spraying could be coming from multiple locations and leaks. Look at the drain lines as well as check valve seals to find the source of the leak.

    Zoeller 30-0181

    If you are having problems with a leaky seal between the check valve and your NPT discharge line we recommend the Zoeller 30-0181 because it has two connectors on both ends.

    2. Holes in Piping

    Although pipes are tough, it is always possible for a hole to occur and cause a leak. This scenario is most likely to happen at joints and connections, but if pipes are older there may be other reasons.

    PVC and other materials can crack over time. Cast iron pipes are less likely to have leaks but are also more likely to develop corrosion over time.

    A hole in the pipe causes spraying water from your sump pump.

    3. Incorrect Release Hole

    All sump pumps should have a release hole to allow for ventilation of pressure. If the hole is not in the right place or operating correctly, then spraying can occur. This hole is often called a weep hole.

    This is a problem best left to a sump pump professional because it requires drilling into your system if a change is needed.

    4. Too Much Water

    If you have a sump pump that is too small to handle the amount of water in your basement, then you may need to replace it with a larger unit to prevent spraying.

    At the same time if you continue to use too small of a sump pump then it will simply wear out much faster. It is possible to burn too small of a pump up during a major weather event.

    Another possible cause is not the size of the pump but rather the size of the sump pit. If the sump pit is too small, then it will not be able to hold enough water. Enlarging the size of the sump pit will help deal with extra moisture and prevent spraying into the surrounding area and on foundation walls.

    Zoeller M98

    One of the most powerful pumps on the market is the Zoeller M98. This model is large enough to prevent flooding in homes with high water flow – plus it is a Zoeller pump so you know it will last for many years.

    5. Malfunctioning Check Valve

    The check valve’s main purpose is to prevent pumped water from backflowing into your basement or sump pit.

     If the valve is not operating correctly then spraying water may flow back down and cause extra moisture issues in your basement. 

    If this back flow is accompanied by a loud banging noise sometimes known as water hammering, then you may want to replace your valve with a spring-loaded silent check valve.

    6. Electric Issues

    If your sump pump is not receiving an adequate supply of power then it is not operating at the efficiency it should be. A sump pump specialist or electrician can help address electrical issues.

    This can be a difficult or impossible situation to assess without a professional because the problem can be in the electrical wiring of the home or in the sump pump itself. A sump pump that is spraying water is not something to ignore.

    Other problems you may notice

    Check Valve Spraying Water

    If the water is spraying out of the check valve there are a few things that may be wrong. The most common issue is a seal that is not tight enough or has broken. If the water is coming out from the area where the valve connects to the pipe try tightening it with a wrench.

    Weep Hole Spraying Water

    You may notice water shooting out the side of your weep hole and back into the pit. This may look like something is wrong but the weep hole benefits are worth the slight loss in water efficiency.

    Discharge Pipe Spraying Water

    If the discharge pipe is spraying water out the end it is a sign that the sump pump is working hard to drain groundwater. On the other hand, if the leak is on the inside you will need to reseal the pipe connection in order to prevent a basement flood.

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