Are Egress Ladders Needed For Window Wells?

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    Window wells are common in homes that have basements – but are egress ladders needed for window wells? In this blog post, we will review explore everything you need to know about the basement window well ladders. – including the top models of 2024 and how to know if your home needs a ladder!

    An egress ladder for your window well might not seem important now – but in the event of a fire it could save your life!

    Are egress ladders needed for window wells?

    What Are Basement Egress Ladders?

    A basement egress ladder is a ladder theat provides an emergency escape from the bottom of a window well.

    Basement egress windows are designed to add natural light and ventilation to a basement and can serve as an emergency exit in case of a fire. The only problem is these window wells can be deep – and without a ladder you may be able to escape the home only to find yourself trapped in the window well.

    Basement egress ladders allow everyone (including small children and the elderly) to be able to easily climb to safety.

    What Homes Need Window Well Escape Ladders?

    Window well escape ladder laws differ from state to state. Window well egress ladders need to be installed in any window well that is deeper than 3.5 feet. Shallower wells can be stepped out of, but any deeper and climbing out can be a struggle. – especially during an emergency like a flood or fire.

    More Than An Escape Ladder

    Adding a window well egress ladder is for more than emergency exit. It also makes it easier to access the bottom of the window well for cleaning and maintenance.

    Top Basement Egress Ladders

    Happybuy Egress Ladder

    Happybuy Egress Ladder

    The Happybuy Egress Ladder is one of the best 3 step ladders on the market. It can hold up to 300 pounds and installs with a set of screws, plus it is made of high-quality steel that is easy to grasp.

    Toucan City Galvanized Steel Basement Window Well Egress Escape Ladder

    Toucan City Ladder

    If your window well is 63″ to 72″ deep we recommend choosing the Toucan City 5 Step Window Well Ladder. It is made of galvanized steel, supports 300 lbs of weight, and even comes with a handy flashlight.

    Window Well Escape Ladder

    Window Well Escape Ladder

    This window well ladder is made of aluminum, which means it is lighter than steel ladders. It is designed for window wells 4 to 5 feet deep and is guaranteed to be rust free for life.

    Types And Styles of Egress Ladders

    The three most common types of egress ladders are hook over attachment, bolt on ladders and ladders for concrete wells. Each type of egress has some ladder pros and cons:

    • Hook over ladders are easy to install in any window well but are not as steady as permanently installed ladders. One benefit of this type is they are quick to install and can be taken with you when you move instead of buying a new ladder.
    • Bolt-on ladders hook into the ground using long screws. They provide a solid attachment that can hold a large amount of weight and are easy for anyone to climb because they are steady and firmly mounted to the wall. This type of ladder comes with everything you need to install and attach to the window well all you need is a screw driver and other basic tools.
    • Some window well egress ladders can be permanently installed into the window well concrete when the house is built. These ladders are very sturdy but can be hard to replace if something breaks.

    Sizing Guide

    It is important to measure and buy the right size egress ladder – too big or too small and it won’t work. The most important factors to consider at the number of steps and the total depth. All three types of egress ladders

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    Where To Buy Window Well Ladders

    The best place to buy window well ladders is online at Amazon or at your local hardware store like Home Depot, Lowes, or Ace Hardware. Local installation companies can also help install a ladder if you do not feel like doing it yourself.

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