Backflow Preventer For Boiler Guide – What You Need to Know

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    A boiler backflow preventer is key to preventing dirty water from reentering into the clean water inside your boiler. In this post, we will teach you everything you need to know about this preventer valve so that your potable water supply is protected from unclean water!

    Water backflowing into your boiler can destroy the boiler or cause other damages. Since boilers are so expensive – and key to hot water – and check valves are so cheap then, we recommend installing one on every line.

    Boiler Backflow Preventers

    Who Needs a Backflow Preventer for boiler?

    We recommend that every home has a backflow prevention device installed on the hot water lines to protect the clean water flow. These devices are relatively cheap and can offer peace of mind that your boiler water is not contaminated with black water and debris.

    Why Backflow Preventers Are Important

    Without a backflow valve your home drinking supply could be contaminated by black water and other harmful debris flowing inside your cities sewer lines!

    Best Boiler Backflow Preventers

    Not sure which model is the best backflow preventer? Our team did the research and found the top picks of 2024.

    Watts Backflow Valve

    Watts Water Technologies Backflow

    Our pick for the top-rated boiler backflow preventer is the Watts Water Technologies Backflow. It works with almost any boiler and provides protection from dangerous backflow water.

    Watts B911S-M3

    Watts B911S-M3

    Our second favorite pick is the Watts B911S-M3. It is designed to fit 1/2″ lines and made of solid bronze.

    How to Install it

    Backflow preventers work using water pressure inside the system. Consequently, the hot drinking water moves through the system until it passes a one-way plumbing valve and prevents dirty water from reentering the boiler feed lines.

    The boiler pressure combined with the opening and closing of the valve prevents dirty water from entering the potable water system. The water pressure only allows water to flow one way, which protects your drinking water from contaminants.

    Where to buy a boiler backflow prevention valve

    Boiler backflow and check valves are common. For the best deals and the biggest selection, I recommend shopping on Amazon first since they have next-day shipping and good prices. Also, if you need a new relief valve right away and can’t wait another day then you can find a boiler feed valve at Home Depot, Lowes. Ace Hardware or other local home improvement stores!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do I do if my boiler backflow preventer is leaking?

    A backflow preventer leaking is a serious problem that must be controlled right away. Try turning off the water feed so the maximum pressure falls and less water leaks from the heating system. After a few minutes, you should be able to totally durn off the heating system water flow.

    How long does a boiler backflow preventer last?

    A properly installed and maintained should last 10 to 15 years, even longer if it is a brass backflow preventer. The main problem with this type of check valve is leaks on the connecting lines.

    Do I need a backflow preventer on my boiler?

    We recommend everyone install a backflow preventer on their boiler for total protection from system pressure changes.

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