Backflow Preventer Parts & Where to Buy Repair Kits

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    A backflow preventer is used to protect a potable water supply from backflow contamination – unfortunately from time to time they will break down and require new parts!

    In this guide our team of experts will teach you about the most important backflow repair parts so you can get your backflow prevention device up and running and protecting your water supply as soon possible.

    With our help you will be able to install the replacement parts on the water line wthout hiring an expensive plumber and get your backflow preventer up and running – just like the day it was installed!

    What are the different parts on a backflow prevention valve?

    Backflow valves have a few different parts – some can be repaired if broken while others will require replacement of the entire valve. Most valves will have the following parts in the backflow prevention assemblies:

    • Pressure regulator
    • Ball valve
    • Relief valve
    • Backflow enclosure
    • Vacuum breaker
    • Reduced pressure zone
    • Connecting pip

    Check valve or Backflow preventer

    Learn the difference between a check valve and backflow valve – you may only need a check valve if there is no drinking water on your pipe!

    What parts break most often?

    Some parts on backflow preventers are much more likely to break than others! In our experience repairing valves the most common parts to break are:

    • Connecting pipes, especially if they are made of PVC and you live in an area with cold winters
    • Reduced pressure zone
    • 1 way ball valves

    Best Backflow Preventer Repair Kits

    A good backflow repair kit will allow you to fix most minor problems. There are all in one kits for sale that come wint a few different pieces that are likely to break – or you can always buy individual parts. The kits are more expensive – but if you need all of the pieces they are a better deal than purchasing indivudal parts.

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    Where to buy repair kits

    There are many good places to buy backflow preventer repair kits. You can find them in local stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Ace Hardware but it may be hard to find a replacement kit for your model of backflow device. The best choice is to find a kit on Amazon that is designed to work with your model – that way you know you are getting replacement parts that are designed for your system.

    Below are some of the top rated kits sold online – some contain only a specific replacement part like a control valve, pressure vacuum breaker or new pressure reducing valves. Keep in mind if the damage is to severe you will need a new preventer!

    Febco Repair Kit

    This model works with Febco backflow preventers. It is only a Poppet and not a full repair kit!

    Backflow Preventer Kit

    This kit comes with all of the parts you e]need to fix almost any damage – if you can’t repair your valve you probably need a new one!

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