About Us

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Who is the team behind Sump Pump Problem? We are a team of experts plumbers and hvac professionals that want to make sure your basement stays dry! So we set out to put together the most in depth resource for sump pumps on the net!

Our team dedicates countless hours to picking the best pumps and drainage systems for homes, condos, businesses and apartments! Follow our advice and we will simplify the confusing world of water pump!

What We Do

Our team is in the field, working in basements to install and repair sump pumps. When we start seeing the same problems over and over we put together a guide to help the public!

How We Pick

Our research when picking pumps, alarms and other products is intense. If we think it is a good pick for your home we will let you know. On the other hand, if it looks like a lemon we will tell you to avoid.