Top 5 Stores that Sell Sump Pumps

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    A good sump pump should be thought of as an investment in your property, but finding a store that sells the right pump for your home or commercial building can be difficult.

    Many sump pump stores only sell their in-house model or markup the price popular models to make an extra dollar on unsuspecting consumers. Our team of sump pump and waterproofing experts put together five best stores that sell sump pump so you never wonder where to buy a sump pump.

    1 -

    Since Amazon was founded in 2001 they have become the leading internet retailer in the United States and they carry an excellent selection of Sump Pumps and accessories at some of the best prices on the web.

    Top name brand pumps like Zoller, Wayne and Simer are available and with Amazon’s Prime Program most sump pump models are eligible for free two-day shipping and Amazon can even help you with installation in some areas.

    Why shop at

    • Low prices
    • Customer Service
    • Free Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime
    • Amazon can help schedule a local contractor to install your new pump

    Best Sump Pump on Amazon

    Zoeller M53

    There are hundreds of models listed on Amazon, our favorite Sump Pump for sale on Amazon is the Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump. Zoeller is one of the most reliable names in the Sump Pump market and you can’t go wrong with the M53.

    2 - Walmart

    Everyone knows that Walmart has it all, and they make no exception for Sump Pumps. Walmart carries a small selection of top name brand electric, gas and battery powered Sump Pumps on their website as well as a few of the most popular models in store their stores across the country.

    While their selection of pumps and accessories may not be as extensive as other retailers, they do carry many popular name brands and occasionally run Rollback sales giving you even bigger savings.

    Why shop at Walmart?

    • In-store pickup at their 5,000 stores across the United States
    • Free shipping
    • Rollback and Clearance sales

    Best Sump Pump at Walmart

    Our pick for the best sump pump at Walmart is the Flotec 1/4 Hp Submersible Sump Pump

    This small but powerful pump costs about $100 and has built-in thermal overload protection. 

    It was designed for a 14″ diameter sump basin and can pump up to 2,880 gallons of water per hour making it powerful enough for your sump pit.

    3 - Lowes

    Another popular home improvement store that sells Sump Pumps online and at their retail stores is Lowes.

    Lowes has over 1,800 stores in the United States and carries a great line of Sump pumps and other basement waterproofing accessories like basins and sump pump alarms.

    Prices are comparable to other home improvement stores, and pumps can be picked up at a local store, delivered by Lowe’s or sent via UPS, FexEx or USPS.

    Why shop at Lowes?

    • In-store pickup and convenient delivery options
    • Wide selection of models and accessories

    Best Sump Pump at Lowes

    Basement Watchdog BW1050

    Lowes carries a wide variety of sump pumps, making it difficult to choose especially if you are shopping online. 

    Our pick for the best sump pump at Lowes is the Basement Watchdog 0.5-HP Submersible Sump Pump

    This pump features a dual float switch and can pump up to 2,770-GPH guaranteeing your home will stay dry in even the biggest storms.

    4 - Home Depot

    For many years, Home Depot has been the go to home improvement store for people across the country.

    Home Depot carries everything you could need for home repair, including sump pumps from brands like Everbilt, Superior Pump and Little GIANT, plus all the accessories you need to protect your home from water.

    Why shop at Home Depot?

    • In-store pickup plus at home delivery make picking up a breeze
    • Knowledgeable associates in-store
    • Over 138 Sump Pump models for sale online!

    Best Sump Pump at Home Depot

    Basement Watchdog BW4000

    If you live in an area with lots of rain we recommend a heavy duty pump with a built in back up like the Basement Watchdog BW4000.

    This sump pump system, which can be found at Home Depot, can pump 3,200 GPH from its main pump plus an additional 730 GPH from the backup at a 10-foot lift. 

    A battery backup ensures that both your pumps are running even if the power is out.

    5 - Ace Hardware

    Ace Hardware is known for their customer service, small town feel, and high-quality products. They carry a small selection of Ace brand sump pumps as well as other popular name brands like Zoeller and Wayne.

    Why shop at Ace?

    • Free in-store pickup
    • Ace brand products are dependable and long lasting
    • Friendly, knowledgeable staff

    Best Sump Pump at Ace

    WaterAce WA50SAS

    When shopping at Ace 1/2 HP Submersible Sump Pump.

    While Ace Hardware may not be a household name, they build excellent products that match up to the big boys in performance and price.

    This pump may be a little noisy, but it uses little electricity and is eligible for free in-store pickup!

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